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Did you think I recorder all of these episodes by myself, even the ones before I was born, or even the ones before video machines were born? Of course not, I got many of them through trading, just like many others online. Here I will credit those who have traded with me in the past, as well as an assessment of their trading. If you would like your name to be added to the list then don't hesitate to work out a trade with me right away!

Adam Nedeff

Dan Sadro

Chuck Donegan

Adam Wurtzel

Tim "Loogaroo" Connolly

Brian W. Moore

David Barkow

Erik Mokracek

Ian Wallis

Steve Thomas

Jon Plezsewski

Art Kurtz

Professor Video

Chuck Noblet

Trent McSwain

Steve Sadler, Jr.

Kenneth Williams

Greg Brobeck

D. C. Lundberg

Mike Baldasaire

Matthew G

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