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How else would you be able to trade with me if you didn't contact me? So here's a link for sending me electronic mail, or e-mail, to set up a trade (please do!) as well as providing comments on my site. Or if you want to express your opinions, whether or not you disagree with mine, you can put them in the old complaint box, which will be included on the site once I get enough complaints to justify the effort. But I would prefer trade offers any day.

If you're trying to sell me perscription drugs or male enhancement products, or a second mortage, I would appreciate it if you went to another site without a second thought.

I will find time to read your email, which I can hopefully separate from junk (it would help if you specify). This condition may change, however, when I find something better to do.

So, on with the contact infomation already!

I don't have my address here, as I prefer to maintain my privacy, which is easier to do when you only communicate with others through a computer.

If you would like to be in touch with me directly, you can IM me at TheAntonMachine. If you're lucky, I might actually be on there, and if I'm lucky, I won't have to be forced to leave the computer in the midst of a crucial conversation.

But since you came this far, you might as well send me mail through this address:

This is way you send an email, send an email, send an email

Words of wisdom:
Since the grownups want me to discourage drug use, all you kids out there should throw out your Ritalin.