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I happen to have a large game show collection, and I suppose that they are one of life's guilty pleasure's. To some they are fun little games, while to others they are the "rectum" (to use a less vulgar term) of show business. Well, I just like them. And there are others who happen to share my enjoyment, so if they wish to trade with me I should let them know what I have. I have included a list of my shows, which I will frequently update. The list has been alphabetically ordered, for your convenience, with spinoffs and revivals grouped together with their original shows. I will use a program's original title in the order, with all of its other titles directed to it. Also, I will point out certain unique elements if a show has them, however I will not try to ruin any surprises for those who have not already seen the show. And if a show is of bad video or audio quality, or had parts missing, I will not hesitate to point that out. Okay, Skeezix?

"Sure thing, Tony. And here's what our fellow traders could collect from Tony DuMont..."

 GAME SHOW COLLECTION-Over 1000 episodes, plus miscellaneous bits and pieces, and counting!

1 VS. 100 (5 eps)

A high-stakes quiz reminiscent of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, this has potential. The easy questions get slow, and build monotony rather than tension, but the game gets exciting as more players get eliminated.

*The first five episodes, from October 13, 2006 to November 10, 2006

THE $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (5 eps)

High stakes Hangman variant...sorry but it isn't "Wheel of Fortune." Most episodes did only three rounds, and with the scoring format, whoever gets the third puzzle will probably clinch the game. This game is more notable for its prize payout and set, fireworks and all. 

*First $1,000,000 win of the series, Connie/Steve vs. David/Nina

*Sarah/Vince VS. Kim/George, million dollar win!

*(first few minutes missing) Judee/Ken vs. Andrea/Michael, million dollar win!

*Jay/Judy vs. Penny/Dave, million dollar win!

*Dan/Laureen vs. David/Peggy, million dollar win!

3RD DEGREE (1 ep)

This was a decent panel show, the second effort by Burt and Bert productions, By the way, the same style of nametags were used on The Joker’s Wild 1990.

*1989 premiere, guests Loni Anderson, Betty White, Burt Reynolds, and Charles Nelson Reilly

5…4…3…2…RUN! (1 ep)

Another messy kids’ game show from the late 1980s, this one comes from Canada.

*General 1988 episode, a bit jumpy quality

10 SECONDS (2 eps)

*Randall vs. Freddie, episode with original commercials

*John vs. Glenn, $8,500 jackpot won!

THE $10,000/$20,000/$25,000/$50,000/$100,000 PYRAMID (5 eps)

(Original $25,000 Pyramid, host Bill Cullen, 1 ep)

*Bob vs. Sharon, guests Debralee Scott and Peter Lawford

(The $100,000 Pyramid, Dick Clark, 1 ep)

*1986 episode, Heidi Bohay and Michael Spound, Esther vs. Robin, a controversial ruling in the first round

(Pyramid, host Donny Osmond, 2 eps)

*Last day of Dick Clark Challenge, guests are Dick Clark and Betty White

*Leslie vs. Chip, guests are Stephanie D’Abruzzo (and Kate Monster) and Bruce Vilanch

(U. K. version, The Pyramid Game, 1 ep)

*Costas vs. Jackie, Dee Hepburn and Stefan Dennis, the Winner’s Circle seems too similar to the frontgame!

THE $64,000 CHALLENGE (2 eps)

*Sonny Fox hosts, begins with Gloria and Andy competing in spelling, Vincent Price accepts a challenge.

*Ralph Story hosts, begins with an $8,000 art question


*from February 10, 2007, Lake Catholic vs. Vermillion vs. Norwalk


*Theresa vs. Dave, guests are Jo Anne Worley and Nita Blackwood


I was curious about this show until I saw it and realized that it doesn't live up to the glitz.

*Premiere, guests Leslie Luggams, John Byner, Abby Dalton, and Robert Mandan; Connie vs. Steve (not so great quality)


(American Gladiators, 3 eps)

*1990 Grand Final

*1991 Grand Final, with an intensely close finish!

*1992 Grand Final

(Gladiators 2000)

*Adam/Kristin vs. Jamaal/Amy (missing end credits)


An interesting program set at a zoo where the winner would become Zookeeper for a day. A very interesting and educational show, with many varied rounds.

*from 1998, Joni vs. Jessica, Chris vs. Natalie

BALONEY (1 ep)

*General 1988 episode


The late Peter Tomarken called this show "a piece of (fecal matter)" and it's hard to blame him, since this show is no more than a bland version of "The Price is Right" with a tacky set. Plus, who needs the home shopping segments, on this show or elsewhere?

*Mark vs. Debbie, Alan vs. Yvonne, Lisa vs. Donna


This was the original stunt game show. The fifties version was definitely the best, having a solid gameplay, plus it was very laid back. But unfortunately it fell prey to big money risks, which it didn't have to do. Every single revival of the show seemed to pale in comparison. As for its most recent incarnation on PAX, it was unncessarily complicated and came off like a bad ripoff of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare", since the stunts that decided the game were toss-ups and did not involve beating the clock. Plus, the revival seemed to take itself more seriously than the original show.

(Original version, 2 eps)

*General episode with John Reed King filling in for Bud.

*General episode with Bob Kennedy as Bud's substitute

(1969 version)

*Episode where Louis Nye is a guest

(1979-1980 version)

*Christmas episode


Happy Family Plan, the original show that inspired it.

(The Big Moment)

*Half-hour ep, challenges are pulling a tablecloth and walking a tightrope, audience stunt is crying on cue

(Original Japanese version, 1 ep)

*Challenges are juggling a soccer ball 20 times, performing a top trick, learning Morse Code, and riding a unicycle


*The only existing episode, Andy vs. Diane vs. Mike, has Jim’s trip down the stairs and a $5,000 win!

BLACKOUT (4 eps)

Yet another clever game from Jay Wolpert. It had the dubious honor of replacing and being replaced by the same show, "The $25,000 Pyramid." The set was snazzy, the graphics were fun to look at (in a cheesy sort of way), and the concept of censoring your opponent's description was original. It's too bad this show didn't last too long, like Jay's other shows.

*Third episode, guests Charlie Siebert and Markie Post, Lisa vs. Jan

*Fourth episode, Denise vs. Jan

*Laurie vs. Robert, with original ads, guests Annie Bloom and Stephen Furst.

*Last episode, with Crystal Bernard and Pat Harrington, Ande vs. Ken


*Third episode, from January 8, 1975 (taped December 22, 1974), Maggie Brown is the first checkwriter!


This was a cute game, one that I definitely see as worthy of revival. The use of cards on a wheel to determine turns was unusual. However this could just as well be played with individual players. I think this show could use a bonus round, such as having to solve a certain number of puzzles before time runs out.

*Premiere episode, Bill vs. Kathy, with guests Bill Shatner and Anne Meara (the video appears as if it were filmed)


A true strategy game, this is mostly remembered for its two-against one format (the handicap being that the team of two had a longer path). The 1987 revival tends to be forgettable because the two-against-one aspect was removed and the main game payoffs were lowered.

*Gene Visich returns for her 10th game

*Episode where Pat and Liz McCarthy win $120,000

*Last episode of 1987 revival, Patti vs. Pete


An interesting charades game, its only real flaw is its scoring system ($100 for the first two puzzles and $250 for each puzzle afterward). If there is a revival, I suggest $250 for each of the first two puzzles and $500 for each additional puzzle.

*Premiere, $10,000 win!

*Karen Kelly and Anson Williams, Markita vs. Ken, with $10,000 win!


NBC's Saturday morning show for young adults, this show just seemed like a hodgepodge of stunts and question and answer rounds without any unique connection. Also, the prizes were a bit low-end.

*All star episode, the casts of "Running the Halls" and "Saved by the Bell: The New Class" compete

*Golden Gladiators vs. Dominators, Guests are Tatyana Ali and Lark Voorhies

BREAK THE BANK (1950s version, 2 eps)

A standard jackpot quizzer, its main difference being that the player was allowed two wrong answer and could still keep their money if they lost. It wasn’t as intense as the real big money shows. I haven’t seen any episodes of the show when it became “Break the $250,000 Bank,” so that may have been more exciting.

*Episode with a Dutch family playing for $1,300

*Begins with three drama students playing for $3,400

BREAK THE BANK (1976 version, 2 eps)

*Premiere episode, guests Abe Vigoda, Alice Ghostley, Jo Ann Pflug, Dick Gautier, Jan Murray, Lynda Carter, Liz Torres, Robert Hegyes, and Marjoe Gortner, $5,000 bank broken!

*Jack Barry episode with $10,000 bank broken!

BREAK THE BANK (1985, 12 eps)

At the risk of being burned at the stake I must confess that I think this show had potential and deserves a revival. It's flaw wasn't in its gameplay but rather its execution, way to go Richard S. Kline. His efforts to make the show more serious (considering how it involved silly stunts, which could have served as a highlight, beating "Shop 'Til You Drop" by years) clashed with Gene Rayburn, whom he wrongfully blamed for the show's failure (to be fair, Gene seemed out of place in the Prize Vault and ended up turning into Skip Lackey, which is bad if you're playing against the clock, although this may be the fault of the show) and replaced with an unknown, the somewhat interchangeable Joe Farago. As if that weren't enough, Kline overhauled the format, doing away with the stunts in favor of a cash scoring system and a "master puzzle," which not only dulled the game but rendered many of the set's features, such as the "number jumbler" and the lock where the hostess would enter the winning team's time, were rendered vestigial. The show would have worked better if it had been presented the way Rayburn had wanted. Its real tragedy is not how bad the show turned out to be, but how great it could have been.

(Host Gene Rayburn, 7 eps)

*Michael/Lori vs. Tim/Becky, from September 16th, 1985; featuring Louise Duart, Joe Farago, and Bubba Smith

*Tim/Becky vs. Ron/Gale, from September 17th, 1985; featuring a guitarist, a Humphrey Bogart lookalike, and a tap dancer

*Ron/Gale vs. Ward/Dawn, from September 18th, 1985; featuring Louise Duart, Joe Farago, and Bubba Smith

*Ron/Gale vs. Merv/Cynthia, featuring a Michael Jackson lookalike, a mime, and Charles Nelson Reilly, from September 19th, 1985. This episode is of blurrier video quality than the previous three but it does have a promo for "Catch Phrase", which premiered the same day.

*John/Sharon vs. Linda/Peter, featuring Jm J. Bullock, and there are only eight events instead of the usual nine.

*Vickie/Richard vs. Teri/Grady, including a Madonna lookalike and Willie Tyler and Lester

*Tina/Jeff vs. Cheryl/Frank, last episode of Rayburn's term as host, from December 20, 1985. Guests are a pianist, a Lady Diana lookalike, and Rip Taylor (who really doesn't have much to do).

(Host Joe Farago, 5 eps)

*From December 27, 1985, Lynn/Timothy vs. Lisa/Glenn, the prize vault includes a Rocky Balboa lookalike and Vic Dunlop (contains VCR counter in corner)

*Kathie/Chris vs. Chris/Chuck, perhaps the first episode to feature the second game format, playing for cash instead of seconds.

*(missing first minute or so) Erich/Dani vs. Johnathan/Andrea

*Gene/Sarah vs. Jerry/Michele (the quality leaves a lot to be desired, another copy has better quality but also a VCR counter in the upper right hand corner), episode with $53,323 win!

*Lonnie/René vs. Don/Dawn


(Australian version, 1 ep)

*World Cup All-Stars vs. Boogie Babes, $50,000 attempted


In this unsold pilot from the 1980s, the object was to be the first team to answer questions for a full 60 seconds. Not a bad idea, but because each question varies in length, it might have been more fair to have both teams race to answer a certain number of questions.

*Unsold pilot episode, some VCR graphics and missing credits

BULLSEYE (4 eps)

Yet another Barry-Enright late 1970s-early 1980s creation, with a gameplay similar to The Joker's Wild in the sense that it involved random categories and dollar amounts. The music and set were impressive (the pilot used Santa Esmeralda's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood") but unfortunately this show fell victim to the celebrity curse that also claimed "Hot Potato" and "Whew!".

*Pilot episode, with a potential million-dollar jackpot (the picture quality is rather jumpy)

*Last episode of civilian run, begins with Judy at Bonus Island

*Celebrity episode, begins with Ernest Borgnine and Suzy Chafee

*Celebrity episode, F. Lee Bailey vs. Patrick Wayne, Jim gives Patrick the idea that he would make a great game show host (some of us might not agree!)


This was a very challenging game with a fun premise. Its only real problem, however, was the way they kept changing the bonus round--the first was pretty much standard B & E fare (find enough money before hitting the bad guy); the second was; and the third seemed removed from the game. Also, when doing so they kept shrinking the amount of potential winnings that a team could win, which weren't very much in the first place (this show was produced in Canada, where lower payouts are more common).

*Scott/Kate vs. Gary/Warren

*Scott/Kate vs. Trisha/Linda, Scott and Kate retire undefeated with $10,600 (missing opening)

*Bill/Janine vs. Rick/Jack

*Edi/Margi vs. Rick/Jack

*Bob/Shirlee vs. Belinda/Tim

*Mo/Jeff vs. Larry/Craig, Mo and Jeff retire undefeated with $16,000!

*Rob /Phyllise at bonus round

*Rick/Gary at bonus round, Rick and Gary retire undefeated with $7,900

*Tom/Mary vs. Guy/Joe

*Tracie/Dave at bonus round

*1988 episode, Sean/Sarah vs. Angelo/Alberto


The most recent national daytime network game show to be produced in the United States, Caesar's Challenge was more about being taped at Caesar's Palace than its word game. Ahmad Rashad was a good host, and Dan did well as the gladiator/assistant. The game itself was fun, but didn't need the shopping element (which was later changed to awarding the winner a prize package equal to the cash they had won). I preferred the first bonus game, where the letters were randomly chosen until "Caesar says stop" and the longer a contestant had been on the show the more of an advantage the player received.

*Pilot episode, where the contestants wager on which one will solve each word, Laurel vs. Scott vs. Leanna

(First bonus round format, 4 eps)

*Tom Gauer's fourth appearance and bonus round win, the video is really blurry

*Babette vs. Mike vs. Heather

*Babette vs. Gordon vs. Ashley, Dan's sword doesn't work!

*David vs. Betsy vs. J. D.

(Second bonus round format, 1 ep)

*Jan vs. Ann vs. Darrell

CARD SHARKS (6 eps, 2 partial eps)

This was another Goodson-Todman winner, with a lot of excitement, especially if high stakes were involved. While the eighties revival upped the grand prize to $32,000 and added some interesting features, such as general knowledge questions and audience member-based questions, it also included an unnecessary bonus round involving jokers that had nothing to do with the main game. The 2001 revival was just forgettable, using "person on the street questions" that didn't fit in with the higher/lower aspect.

(Original run, 1978-1981)

*Both pilots, the first with Jack Campion and the second with a $28,800 win!

*Partial (first 12 minutes) episode

*Episode with Norma Brown's $28,800 Money Cards win!

*Clip of Alex Trebek playing the Money Cards for charity

*Finale, from original broadcast

(Second run, 1986-1989)

*General episode, from June 24, 1986

(Third run, 2001, 1 ep)

*Episode from America’s Heroes week


The first game show to use computer animation (I admit it does look a bit cheesy by today's standards, even though it may have been ahead of its time), its gameplay based on identifying picture puzzles was also mentally challenging and fun to play along. However the scoring was a bit awkward, since whoever solved the last puzzle would usually win, or if there were two puzzles played, whoever solved the second puzzle would win. But it was a good show, and inspired a long-running UK revival and I hear a pilot is being produced in the US for a revival. Let's hope it succeeds. 

(U. S. version, hosted by Art James, 10 eps)

*Premiere, from September 16, 1985, Michael vs. Ashley

*Second episode, from September 17, 1985, Michael vs. Bri

*Third episode, from September 18, 1985, Bril vs. Bill

*Sixth episode,from September 19, 1985, Bri retires undefeated

*Scott vs. Glenna

*Mary vs. Clayton

*Pat vs. Todd

*Todd vs. Brian

*Charley vs. Susan

*Cindy vs. Chip

(UK version, 1 ep)

*Marita vs. Sean, with the notorious Snake Charmer puzzle!


*1973 pilot, Sandy vs. Cy vs. Jackie


Harry vs. Sandra vs. David St. John


(1980 version, 5 eps)

*Pilot, with Joyce Bullifant and Nipsey Russell, married couples compete for a $100,000 jackpot!

*Premiere, Candace vs. Pat, guests Joyce Bullifant, Patty Duke, Fred Grandy, and Nipsey Russell

*Episode with the second bonus round format, Mary Jo vs. Trudy, guests Elaine Joyce, Vicki Lawrence, Richard Paul, and Nipsey Russell who gives his “progress and congress” poem.

*Ken vs. Nancy, guests Joanna Gleason, Debralee Scott, Robert Mandan, and Robert Walden, two $10,000 wins!

*Finale, from the June 20, 1980 broadcast, Sarah vs. Arnie, guests Betty White, Joyce Bullifant, Ron Silver, and Jay Johnson, the celebrities play the bonus game for charity!

(1986 version, Blake Emmons hosts, 3 eps)

*Canadian premiere, Jo Anne/Alan vs. Karen/Lorraine

*Second episode, Ada/Bob vs. Karen/Lorraine (jumpy video)

*Ken/Beatriz vs. Andre Nicole

(1986 version, host Geoff Edwards, 3 ep)

*Geoff’s first episode, Max/Lori vs. Nona/Chuck, has a promo for “Love Me, Love Me Not” (the quality isn’t too impressive)

*John/Antoinette vs. Dianne/Patricia

*Solo player formate, Marie vs. Alexis

(The $40,000 Chain Reaction, 1 ep)

*Finale of $40,000 Tournament, Linda vs. Brett

THE CHAIR (2 eps)

(U. S. version, host John McEnroe, 1 ep)

*Episode where a contestant takes home the full $250,000

(United Arab Emirates version, 1 ep)

*Episode from January 26, 2004


Well-deserved comparisons to "The Running Man" aside, this show was a disaster.

*All three eps, I don't know why I asked for them but I have them.


*Preview episode

*First episode, September 3, 1990

*September 24, 1991 episode, with a $60,000 Ultimate Challenge win!

*Episode from April 1, 1991, the show knows it's April Fool's day!

*Second day of Invitational Tournament finals


*Jean vs. Patrice, Bill Cullen takes some liberties with the rules!


*Pilot episode with Bob Kennedy hosting and a “skill board” instead of Mister Mischief!

*First episode, from January 7, 1956

*Third episode, from January 21, 1956

*Fourth episode, from January 28, 1956

*Fifth episode, from February 4, 1956

*Sixth episode, from February 11, 195

CITY SMARTS (10 eps)

Local WNYE-25 quiz where high schoolers test their knowledge of New York City. An interesting quizbowl, with a cute, if chintzy, set (this is local public television on a small channel) and the round formats are interesting. Unfortunately, the final never came about, due to a lack of funding.

*First Round, Dewitt Clinton vs. Staten Island Tech 

*First Round, Stuyvesant vs. Hostos Lincoln

*First Round, High School for Environmental Studies vs. Fort Hamilton

*Last First Round match, A. Philip Randolph vs. Brooklyn Tech

*Second Round, Stuyvesant vs. A. Philip Randolph

*Second Round, High School for Environmental Studies vs. Forest Hills

*Quarter-final match, Stuyvesant vs. Leon M. Goldstein

*Quarter-final match, High School for Environmental Studies vs. Townsend Harris

*Semi-final match, Stuyvesant vs. Susan Wagner

*Semi-final match, High School for Environmental Studies vs. Staten Island Tech, sadly this was the last one, since there was no championship due to lack of funding, as I found out. 

CLASH (1 ep)

*Librarians (Steven, Christine, and Joanne) vs. Noisy People (Michael, Paul, and Tanya)


A durable and enjoyable format, memory and rebus puzzles. As for the most recent version, choosing a match format (first one loos eliminates you, then the loser of a two-out-of-three match goes out, then you stay on the show until two losses) was a bit bumpy, and I would have liked to have seen original shows instead of just repeats for three years.

(Concentration, 1958-1973, Hugh Downs, 1 ep)

*Fifth annual Challenge of Champions episode from the original fifties run, Dorothy vs. Clara

(1973-1978 version, Jack Narz hosts, 1 ep)

*from 1978, Linda vs. Randy, the board has some problems (studio master)

(1985 pilot, 1 ep)

*Orson Bean-hosted pilot with completely different format (low audio)

(Classic Concentration, 1987-1991, Alex Trebek, 6 ep)

*General 1987 ep, Glenn (and his helper dog Merlin) vs. Sandra

*Doug vs. LaVerne

*Doug vs. Karen

*Joy vs. Mark

*Ben vs. Susan, Ben throws the bonus round!

*Amy vs. Bob, unmentioned finale


The pacing is a bit slow, and the show itself seems to be a plug for Disney movies, but other than that it’s an interesting kids’ show. Not as good as Double Dare, may I remind you.

*from 1983, Telly/MacKenzie/Aubrey vs. Chuck/Teri/Marc (the quality is a bit screwy)


*The Jestons vs. Get Smart, Dick Sargent makes an appearance


(U. K. version, 5 eps)

*episode from April 14, 1987, Keith vs. Stephen

*June 29, 1992, 23rd series premiere, Bernadetta vs. Wayne (15 years old!)

*1997 episode, John vs. Andrew

*Christmas 1997 episode, Richard Whitely vs. Carol King, Magnus Magnussen is a judge!

*October 31, 2003 episode, Countdown’s 21st birthday, Stuart vs. Sue

(South African version, A Word or 2, 1 ep)

*2004 episode, Gill vs. Gary

THE CROSS-WITS/CROSSWITS (9 eps, 1 partial ep)

(The Cross-Wits, 1 partial ep)

*(first nine minutes, with slate) Episode 3, Conny Van Dyke, Greg Morris, Meredith Macrae, Ron Masak

(Crosswits, 8 eps)

*from the first taped week, Tina vs. Tim, guests are Martin Kove, Abby Dalton, Fred Willard, and Arsenio Hall

*another episode from the first taped week, Sallie vs. David, guests are Martin Kove, Abby Dalton, Fred Willard, and Arsenio Hall

*Premiere, Pete vs. Debbie, guests are Richard Moll, Cheryl Ann Wilson, Kelsey Grammer, Leslie Charleson (blurry quality)

*Shelly vs. Steve, guests are Richard Kline, Edie McClurg, Stephen Bishop, and Lois Bromfield, car win!

*Candy vs. Jim, guests are Richard Kline, Edie McClurg, Stephen Bishop, and Lois Bromfield

*Gary vs. Nancy, guests are Richard Kline, Edie McClurg, Stephen Bishop, and Lois Bromfield

*Episode from Game Show Hosts week, Rob vs. Dabney, guests Tom Kennedy, Bob Goen, Peter Tomarken, and Jim Peck (opening is fuzzy and the rest is just barely watchable)

*Drew vs. Richard, guests are Jm J. Bullock, Marcia Wallace, Howard Morton, and Jenny Jones, this has the rare 4 boxes bonus round!

(UK Version, 1 ep)

*Carol Vordeman and Tony vs. Richard Whitely and Constance


*15-minute Pilot that would serve as basis for Crosswits, Paul Lynde and Polly vs. Tippi Hendren and Frank (cuts off at end)


*First four episodes

*Children’s Christmas special from 1991 (Michael Underwood, who would go on to Jungle Run, is a contestant)

DEAL OR NO DEAL (15 eps)

(U. S. version, 11 eps)

Pretty exciting, especially since, as Howie Mandel boasts in the opening, the show involves no skill. However, with NBC playing it three nights a week, I'm pretty sure this will just fizzle out, as did all of the other prime-time quizzes of the early millenium.

*The entire five-episode preview from NBC, with original ads, aired December 19-23, 2005

*The second premiere week, February 27-March 3, 2006 

*100th episode, original broadcast

(Deal or No Deal Canada, 3 eps)

*Episode 3, from February 15, 2007, first player Michael George

*Episode 4, from February 22, 2007, first player Jenny Monace

*Episode 5, from March 1, 2007, first player Jamie Cumberland

(Spanish-American version, Vas a no Vas, 1 ep)

*March 11, 2007 episode, 90 minutes long!

DEBT (4 eps)

*General episode

*College Week episode from March 1997, Christopher vs. Marchand vs. Nick

*College Week episode from March 1997, David vs. Holly vs. Ted

*College Week episode from March 1997, Marc vs. Shannon vs. Davi


*General episode, Coralie vs. Doreen, Michelle vs. Bill, Suzanna vs. Jim, Chuck vs. Merle


*Premiere, Kaya from Temptation Island is a contestant

*Last episode, from April 14, 2003, Ron vs. Toni Ann vs. Stacey vs. Jordan vs. Dennis vs. Carla


(1950s version, 2 eps)

*Episode where Dagmar fills in for Jan Murray

*First contestant is Bernice

(1981 pilot, 1 ep)

*Pilot hosted by Bob Eubanks, part of GSN’s “Raise the Dead” marathon, it’s not too different from the fifties version

DOTTO (2 eps)

(Nighttime version, 1 ep)

*Connie Hines (of “Mister Ed” fame) vs. John

(Daytime version, 1 ep)

*Marie vs. Yeffy, this was the kinescope used in cheating allegations that were verified (contains onscreen counter)

DOUBLE DARE (1970s GT version, 6 eps)


*From December 16, 1976, Garry vs. Joel

*From December 17, 1976, Joel vs. Gail

*From December 20, 1976, Joel vs. Randy

*From December 21, 2976, Joel at Spoilers

*Finale, Ilene vs. Andy


(1986-1988 version, 20 episodes)

*First taped episode (opening clipped, blurry video), Express vs. High Flyers

*Wit Pains vs. Ghastly Goobers, a little girl at the opening names her favorite show…”Finders Keepers!”

*The Bayside Bombers vs. The Chargers

*The Cougars vs. The Cheetas

*Titans vs. No-names

*The Raiders vs. The Rams

*Lightning Bolts vs. Cream Puffs

*Stooges vs. Seismic Gumballs

*Beach Bums vs. Outrageous Orges

*Jetsons vs. Dynamic Duo

*Pros vs. Brat Pack, Marc goofs when interviewing an audience member!

*Dominating Duo vs. Boondoggles

*Crusaders vs. Sandfleas, episode with the Rules Choir!

*3-D episode, Whippersnappers vs. Psychotic Bananas

*Center Squares vs. Totally Tubular Twosome

*Blue Devils vs. Masterminds

*Ultimate Two vs. Flying Eyeballs

*Terrible Twos vs. Hurricanes (first half only)

*Swiftees vs. Wonderful Wise Guys

*Mobilizers vs. Chernobyl Children

(Super Sloppy Double Dare 1987, 2 eps)

*Midnight Express vs. The Untouchables

*Amazing A's vs. 5150s

(Family Double Dare 1988, 8 eps)

*Datz-Lerners vs. Dierdorfs, premiere with Lou Ferrigno and Weird Al Yankovic

*Fondaks vs. Fischlers

*McKennas vs. Millhouses

*Scharles vs. Lentz

*Chews vs. Wilfrids

*Gudelunas vs. Keeneys

*McGoldrick vs. O'Donnell (video quality leaves something to be desired)

*Winwards vs. Reileys

(Celebrity Double Dare, 1 ep)

*Unsold pilot hosted by Bruce Jenner, Scott Baio and Holly vs. Heidi Bohay and Wayne

(Australian version, 6 eps)

*All five episodes of G'Day USA Week

*Kangaroo Cup episode from 1990, the Stinky Shoes (from the USA) vs. the Slip ‘n’ Sliders (from Australia)

(Super Sloppy Double Dare 1989, 3 eps)

*Slimebowl, pilot episode where Harry Carson and his daughter Asia play against Dave Butz and Dave Butz Jr. for charity!

*The Marauders vs. The Dirty Swabs, this is probably the first Double Dare episode I ever saw.

*Backwards Day, the Get Funky Duo (who appeared on How to Throw a Double Dare party) vs. the Chitter Chatters

(Super Special Double Dare, 2 eps)

*NBA All-Star episode, Too Legit (with Waymon Tisdale) vs. o Town Posse (with Rick Barry)

*”Welcome Freshmen” and “Clarissa Explains it All” cast members play boys against girls, Quad Squad (with Jason Gimbler and David Rosel) vs. Colossal Shoes (with Melissa Joan Hart and Jocelyn Steiner)

(Family Double Dare 1990, 3 eps)

*The Gak Pak vs. The Solid Rocks, early episode with 3-digit scoreboard used, the obstacle course clock stops at 11, allowing the team to win!

*Three Eggheads and a Yolk vs. Laughing Lunatics, each family has a wheelchair-user!

*1-hour tournament of Champions episode, Brains: Granite Toast vs. Killer Kellers. Brawn: Space Cadets vs. Gruesome Grindles

(Double Dare 2000, 1 ep)

*Snick house premiere where Marc Summers appears in the interstitial segments, the casts of “The Amanda Show” and “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd” play for charity! The bonus round clock loses 10 seconds, unfortunately.

DOUBLE UP (1 ep)

*Siblings Ryan and Natalie. Choices are Smooth Scott, Gorgeous Greg, and Jamming Jason, Dude-loving Dara, Valentine Valentino, and Sassy Sam


*Maddy vs. Chantae, Anthony vs. Sam


This doozy from 1984 is not very memorable, but its set is flashy and colorful.

(U. S. version, hosted by Bill Rafferty, 1 ep)

*General episode, studio master, Patti/Joe vs. Lisa/Paul vs. Rita/Royce (jumpy quality)

(U. K. version, 1 ep)

*Dympna/Sean vs. Angela/Rob vs. Di/Ricky


*First quarterfinal match, Minnetonka vs. Cretin Derham Hall, from May 14, 2006

*Second quarterfinal match, Eden Prarie vs. Mounds Park Academy, also from May 14, 2006

*Third quarterfinal match, Saint Thomas Academy vs. DeLaSalle, May 21, 2006

*Final quarterfinal match, Chaska vs. Robbinsdale Armstrong, also from May 21, 2006

*Both semifinals and final, from May 28, 2006


*episode with Sara Beth's 10th win!

*episode with a $10,000 win!


*Stromath vs. Harrison, American Gladiator Hawk shows up for a stunt and Ray Coombs takes a microphone to the face!


(Dawson version, 4 eps)

*pilot, Spier vs. Madvig

*premiere, Moseley vs. Abronowitz!

*Richards vs. Spivack, you might understand why I chose this one!

*finale, with a tearful farewell from Richard!

(Spanish-American version, Que Dice La Gente?, 1 ep)

*from June 14, 2006, Corzo vs. Veras


*Ronayne vs. Thompson

*Third episode, Aliseo vs. Bogard (no video for first minute)

FAST DRAW (1 ep)

*Marilynn vs. Carl, guests are Anita Gilette and Robert Alda


(UK version, 2 eps)

*Episode from first format, lousy quality

*Episode from second format


(First two seasons, 25 Episodes)

*Pilot Episode; $25,000 Win!

*Hour Long Premiere, with Danny Ponce, Staci Keanan, Danny Pintauro, and Soleil Moon Frye

*Chocolate Day

*Darius/Tiffany vs. Will/Stephanie, Episode with Win Lose or Draw Dumpo and an $8,000+ win!

*Howard/Claire vs. Jason/Nancy, A player Spends 1:56 in the Fun House!

*Christmas Day 1988

*Mother's Day

*Seven Seas Day

*New York Day with Soliel Moon Frye & Jeremy Miller

*2nd to Last show of a salute to the 50 States, New England Day

*Johnathan/Nicole vs. Steve/Kristin, Tic Tac Schumutz is Played

*from December 18, 1989, Brian/Tiffany vs. Pokey/Carrie

*Amanda/Josh vs. Shauna/ Enoch

*Stephanie/Michael & Jaclyn/Daniel, Dump-o is played!

*Monie/ Wesley vs. Lauren/ Jared

*John/Danielle vs. Ryan/Stacey, 1989 Christmas episode

* Eric/Janet vs. David/Denille, "Hats off to You" stunt played, original commercials

*Anthony/Dorris vs. Nathan/Julie, no end credits, original commercials

*Anthony/Alexis vs. Michael/Tiefa, original commercials)

*Tim/April vs. Robert/Allison, missing opening and first question, original commercials

*Ricky/May vs. Scott/Courtney, missing opening and end credits, original commercials

*Steve/Jill vs. Fernando/Erika

*Ian/Maura vs. Brandon/Maggie, a bit fuzzy

*Brian/Erica vs. Alan/Linea, original commercials

(Fox Fun House, 1990-1991, 7 Episodes)

*First Episode of the Fox Season, Jessica/Chris vs. Jesse/Staci

*David/Tricia vs. James/Jodie, A team wins $9,000+ in the Fun House!

*90210 Day with Brian Austin Greene & Douglas Emerson

*Peter Pan Day with Josh Saviano & Jenny Beck

*Richard/Christina vs. Bryan/Julie, An episode where the player's dogs run the Grand Prix Race

*RC & Gina vs. Ryan & Amy

*Todd/Rachelle vs. Steven/Katie

(UK Version, host Pat Sharp, 2 eps)

*from 1991, Georgie/Stewart vs. Kevin/Helen

*Alex/Michael vs. Ian/Yvonne

(College Mad House, host Greg Kinnear, 10 eps)

*premiere, University of Arkansas vs. University of Texas, original commercials

*UCLA vs. USC, original commercials

*University of Arizona vs. Arizona State

*Southern Methodist University vs. Texas A & M

*University of Minnesota vs. University of Wisconsin

*Indiana vs. Purdue

*Seton Hall vs. St. John’s

*University of Washington vs. University of Oregon, a player audibly swears in anticipation of being pied!

*Cornell vs. University of Pennsylvania

*Brown vs. Princeton

GAMBIT (1 ep)

*Pilot from October 20, 1990, pilot for a revival that never made it


*All 7 episodes, with Brande Roderick, Leslie Nielsen, Tim Meadows, Lance Bass, Paige Davis, and Kathy Najimy, games are Freemantle favorites “The Price is Right,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Beat the Clock,” “Press Your Luck,” “Card Sharks,” “Match Game,” and “Family Feud

GENESIS (1 ep)

*April 23, 2000 premiere that never developed into a full series, First Baptist Church vs. First Christian Church

GO FOR IT! TV (6 eps)

*First Season Championship, Video Gamers vs. Computer Wizards

*Season Two Premiere

*Season Two preliminary match

*Season Two Championship

*Season 3 semi-final

*Season 3 championship


(U. K. version, 1 ep)

*1992 Championship Match, Elaine vs. Jean-Marc vs. Anne vs. Soren vs. Chris; champions Michael, Attila, Ursula

(U. S. pilot, 1 ep)

*1987 pilot hosted by Bill Rafferty, taped on the British set


*Episode with Jay Johnson and Veronica, David Cassidy and Diane, and Jenilee Harrison and Darin


What I liked best about this show was the "bomb" question. Like Whew's Longshot, it was a twist that kept the game from becoming too anti-climactic. Aside from that, plus the celebrity teammates giving questions, this was a pretty typical Q & A show.

*General episode, Franco Harris and Bart vs. Jay Johnstone and Jeff vs. Brian Trottier and Eric, Suzy Chafee makes an appearance


*Ed vs. Stacy

GREED (6 eps, 1 clip)

*James, Jackie, Melissa, Curtis, and Daniel at $25,000

*Clip of Daniel Avila’s $2,200,000 attempt

*Episode with three $200,000 wins, original broadcast

*Sohini, Don, Yarom, Dwayne, Andrea, and Lou at Qualifying Question

*(missing opening) First Million Dollar Challenge episode between Robert and Troy

*Begins with Dana, Forest, Jennifer, and Patrick going for $500,000, Curtis Warren wins the Million Dollar Challenge!

(U. K. version, host Jerry Springer, 1 ep)

Premiere with Sarah, David, Alison, Hamid, Colette, and Chris at Qualifying Question.

GRILL ME (1 ep)

*Only episode, September 9, 1996, Dweezil Zappa vs. Susan Olsen vs. Kristoff St. John, original commercials


(Guts, 1 ep)

*Hour-long “Guts All-Stars” special, perfect scorers Mike vs. Jana vs. Kelly

(Global Guts, 2 eps)

*Road to the Extreme Arena, a “making-of” special

*Special Olympics episode, guess who hands out the medals?!


*Rehearsal show with Johnny Gilbert hosting and contestants changing places

*Bob/Mary vs. Anne/Dennis


(1970s version, 2 eps)

*Daphne vs. Gene, one player clears the entire board (with 15 prizes) and wins $10,000 in the bonus!

*Finale, with a less-than-sober Trebek

(1987 version, 3 eps)

*Jerry at Bonus

*Tracey vs. Steve

*Claudia vs. Steve

HIT MAN (6 eps)

*Casablanca and Henry VIII’s Wives

*American Bandstand and Custer’s Last Stand

*P. T. Barnum and Word Origins

*Marlon Brando and U. S. Presidents

*Stardom and Winston Churchill, ends with a voiceover touting “Dream House” and “The New Battlestars”

*Gene Kelly and U. S. Vice Presidents, finale with Randy West as a contestant and Rod Roddy’s infamous contestant plug!


*Pilot, hosted by Peter Allen, “Super Password” champion Jim Bontempo is a contestant (the third round is a bit screwy)

*Premiere from June 19, 1992, Steven/Steve vs. Vicki/Max

*from June 26, 1992, Eric/Melanie vs. Alison/Pam

*from July 3, 1992, Susan/Anthony vs. Tracy/Pam

*Finale from July 10, 1002, Steven/Kirk vs. Kimberly/Lily


*black and white 1966 pilot

*black and white film of 1967 NBC Daytime episode, with Vincent Price, Marty Allen, Michael Landon, Joanne Dru, Charley Weaver, Eva Gabor, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, and center square Steve Rossi

*1980 NBC Daytime finale, guests Rose Marie, Tom Poston, Michele Lee, Vincent Price, Leslie Uggams, George Gobel, Marty Allen, Charlie Callas, and center square Wayland Flowers and Madame

HOT POTATO (8 episodes)

*Mailroom Clerks vs. Calendar Makers

*Mailroom Clerks vs. Preachers

*Telegram Singers vs. Redheads

*Telegram Singers vs. Grocery Checkers

*Celebrity episode, Ms. Americas vs. All American Sportsmen

*Little League Coaches vs. Whitewater Raft guides

*Hygienists vs. Waitresses

*Insurance Agents vs. Moms to Be

IDENTITY (10 eps)

Magician? Yes. Skeptic? Check. Quizmaster? Not exactly Penn Jillette's identity. This is nonetheless an intriguing concept, if marred by slow pacing. It sems like the show itself was added simply to compete with Deal or No Deal, and by failing to go too deep into the identity of the strangers it misses out on what could otherwise make for a better show.

*December 18, 2006 episode

*December 20, 2006 episode

*December 21, 2006 episode

*December 22, 2006 episode

*March 16, 2007 episode, with a $500,000 win!

*March 23, 2007 episode

*March 30, 2007 episode

*April 6, 2007 episode

*April 20, 2007 episode

*April 27, 2007 episode

I'M TELLING! (22 eps)

A sort of Newlywed Game for kids, where sibling rivalry is passed off as entertainment.

*Premiere, Michelle/Michael vs. Carrie/Matt vs. Alyssa/Russell

*Episode 2, Kim/Matt vs. Ami/Jeff vs. Nicole/Todd, ends during bonus round)

*Episode 3, where a selector is stuck (used for Family Channel promos), Janna/Jacob vs. Truely/Kevin vs. Tara/Derek

*Episode 4, Brenda/Nick vs. Buffy/Patrick vs. Amie/Paul

*Episode 5, Erin/Chad vs. Abbie/Brian vs. Elisabeth/Michael

*Episode 6, Natalie/Scott vs. Marla/Randy vs. Elizabeth/David

*Episode 7, Twins day, Rachel/Ronald vs. Julie/Geoff vs. Marissa/Vonni, Vonni Ribisi would soon become a cast member of "The Wonder Years"

*Episode 8, Lindsey/Brian vs. Heather/Ricky vs. Kerri/Larry

*Episode 9, Jenny/Josh vs. Dolly/T. J./Michelle/Philip

*Episode 10, Daphne/Eliott vs. Alitzah/Josh vs. Molly/Casey

*Episode 11, Christmas episode, with Laurie dressed as Santa Claus, Nicole/Sean vs. Molly/Jeremy vs. Melissa/Cliffy

*Episode 13, Danielle/Jeff vs. Rose/Isaac vs. Carrie/Scott

*Episode 15, Candice/Jason vs. Amy/Brian vs. Deanne/David, first ever perfect score

*Episode 16, Brandi/Branden vs. Ashlie/Paul vs. Jamie/David, last episode with original intro

*Episode 17, Celebrity episode with Shannen Doherty, MacKenzie Astin, and Heide Zigler

*Episode 20, Andria/Richard vs. Julie/Rick vs. Alan/Michelle

*Episode 21, Jennifer/J. W. vs. Alana/Colin vs. Esther/Elliot

*Episode 22, Celebrity episode with Chad Allen, Benji Gregory, and Ami Foster

*Episode 23, Brother’s Day #1, Jason/Brian vs. Brian/David vs. Adam/Matt

*Episode 24, Brother’s Day #2, Todd/Scott vs. Jeremy/Ehron vs. Greg/Jeff

*Episode 25, First Sister’s Day episode, Sarah/Danielle vs. Marla/Robin vs. Shauna/Misty

*Episode 26, Second Sister’s Day episode and series finale, Amy (who was on the Fun House premiere)/Ivy vs. Rebecca/Doris vs. Devin/Holly

IT TAKES TWO (5 eps)

(1969-1970 version, 1 ep)

*general episode

(1997 version, 4 eps)

*Episode 2, Mary Ellen/Biz vs. Bea/Adam vs. Eric/Paul, guests Darlene Conley, Christina Ferrare, and Michael Burger, only four questions asked

*Episode 3, Janice/LaVerne vs, Andrea/John vs. Steven/Craig, guest Ed McMahon

*Episode 4, Lisa/Joe vs. Paula/Olivia vs. Heather/Graham

*Episode 5. Robert Charles vs. Terry/Misty vs. Jason/Shari, guests John Moschitta, Rod Roddy, and Janice Pennington, only four questions asked, an exact answer is achieved! (missing opening segment)


A Washington, DC high school quizbowl is one of the longest-running in this country!

*45th season premiere from October 1, 2005, St. Anselms vs. Paul VI vs. Potomac Falls, trader Ryan Rinkerman is in the audience!

JACKPOT! (4 eps)

(1970s run, 1 ep)

*Episode with a Super Jackpot riddle worth

(1980s pilot, 1 ep)

*Pilot hosted by Nipsey Russell, with riddles worth a flat $150 and a bonus round reminiscent of “Shoot for the Stars;” the quality is just barely watchable

(1989-1990 version, 2 eps)


*Fifth episode, with a $14,500 Super Jackpot win!

JEOPARDY! (12 eps)

(Original run, 1 ep)

*2000th episode, with contestants playing for charity, Mel Brooks appears as the 2000-year-old man!

(1978-1979 run, 2 eps)

*Premiere, from original broadcast


(Current run, 5 eps)

*Second episode, with all three players at $0!

*Last day of International Tournament from Stockholm, Boris from Israel vs. Per Gunnar from Norway vs. Michael from Canada!

*Ken Jennings’ first episode

*2003-2004 season finale, with Ken Jennings setting a new record!

*Ken Jennings’ 75th and final episode

(Super Jeopardy!, 1 ep)

*Finale, with *250,000 on the line

(Jep!, 2 eps)

*2 general eps

(U. K. version, 1 ep)

*Audrey v. David St. John (who was also on Chain Letters) vs. Pat, the sound drops out at points.


 (1970s version, 7 eps)

*Fourth episode, with the first 3-joker win!

*Hal vs. Cathy, Hal's lucky suit pays off!

*1978 $100,000 Tournament episode, Ann vs. Mark

*1984 episode, Bill Cullen's first show

*1984 episode, Mike vs. Howard

*1985 episode with Blake Emmonds as a contestant!

*1986 finale, two 3-joker wins in a row!

(1990-1991 version, original Format, 5 eps)

*Michael Cedar vs. Judi vs. Michael Newkirk (original broadcast, missing part of introductions, I’ll let you know when I obtain a better copy of this one)

*Michael vs. Liz vs. Larry

*John vs. Susan vs. Raymond

*Thomas Van Dyke vs. Najee vs. Barney, Thomas' 13th and final win

*Steve vs. Jann vs. John

(1990 version, New Categories format, 4 eps)

*Jeff vs. Kathy vs. Jay

*Jeff vs. Joan vs. Ted, audience game played at end

*begins with Mary at endgame, record $36,000 Joker Jackpot won!

*Tom vs. John vs. Jock, audience game played

JUMBLE (1 ep)

Unsold pilot from 1988, guests Bill Kirchenbauer and Alaina Reed, many edits and lousy video quality

JUNGLE RUN (3 eps)

*Third episode, players are Simone, James, Charlotte, and Vinesh

*2001 episode, team members are Debbie, Peter, and Lizzie

*2004 episode, team is “The Dragon Fighters” Matthew, Sophie, and Douglas


*Episode from 1947-1954 run


(Australian version, 1 ep)

*David/Tina/Alan vs. Faye/Peter/Sue


*The only episode, from 1990


*All 8 first season episodes

*All 16 Season 2 episodes


*May 19, 2007 episode, Gwendolyn Brooks vs. Morgan Park


A challenging show, requiring mental and physical ability. However, I would like to see the original British version, because it seems to be the most challenging. The 1980 version has some tricky tests, but still comes short of being a tough challenge, since there's no Intelligence test and the general knowledge test dominates the show. The 1990 version seems slow and weak, since Willie Aames is too slow during the general knowledge round and the obstacle course only shows us the winner. Nonetheless, a revival is in order.

(1980 version, 2 eps)

*Episode 1, Jim vs. Molly vs. Claudia vs. Joel

*Episode 4, Ronna vs. Garry vs. Andrew vs. Kivi

(1990-1991 version, 2 eps)

*Premiere episode, Matt vs. Jennifer vs. Alex vs. Shannon

*Jack vs. Kym vs. Greg vs. Nikole, first quarter-final match

LET'S GO BACK (10 eps)

*Kevin vs. Sherry vs. Michael

*Kevin vs. Kerry vs. Larry

*Scott vs. Esther vs. Thomas

*Steve vs. Dan vs. Margaret

*Lynn vs. Scott vs. Jerry

*Richard vs. Brian vs. Debi

*Ann vs. Lew vs. Tim

*Daniel (the same Rabbi Daniel who won big on Tic Tac Dough 1990) vs. Marc vs. John

*Season 2 episode, Emily vs. Loren vs. Grant

*Season 2 episode, Nancy vs. John (Goss, as in SotC grand prize winner) vs. Ralph, behind-the-scenes look at the end!


(1963-1977 version, 1 ep)

*Color pilot, aired on GSN with Monty Hall commentating, and no costumes.

(2003 version, 3 eps)

*All 3 episodes

(Spanish-American version, Trato Hecho, 2 eps)

*General episode from May 2005

*May 18, 2005 episode with a big win!


(The All-New Liar’s Club, 1988, 1 ep)

*Premiere, Bruce vs. Mary-Anne vs. Jim vs. Janice

(Canadian version, The Next Line, 1 ep)

*Maxine vs. Russ vs. Sharon vs. Ian


The show that introduced Ross Shafer to the public, this was considerably slow (as I've noticed with the USA version of Chain Reaction) and it's confusing as to how players stay on as champions. You would have to watch several episodes of this to know for sure, and that takes a great deal of patience.

*Both pilots "M'ama Non M'ama," hosted by Alex Trebek

*1985 Ross Shafer pilot, with the men chasing the women, the set and music made it to the air but the format is considerably different.

*Premiere, Fred and Peter chasing Laura, Eva, and Janet, somewhat different early rules.

*First episode on USA, from September 29, 1986, Sue and Beth chasing Rick, Richard, and Ron

*Derek and Cameron chasing Jean, Nona, and Sherri


*Patty vs. Chris vs. Jill, Nickelodeon episode with the rare “University Round”

*Markiest vs. Brenda vs. Robert, Nickelodeon episode


*1958 episode


As if “Break the Bank 1985” was not enough, this show cements Richard S. Kline's failure as a producer. The gameplay is severely flawed, and Mario Lopez is a mediocre host at best.

(J. D. Roth version, 8 eps)

*Very early episode with different scoring, Scott/Ari vs. Krystal/Kirk vs. Oliver/Benjamin (missing ending)

*Early episode, Janna/Janelle vs. Robert/Bill vs. Katy/Harrison

*Marina/Mark vs. Jordan/Daniel vs. Lauren/Hayden

*Frankie/Ernie vs. Mark/Robert vs. Fallon/Mary, features some weird contestants and a "feather malfunction"

*Melanie/Stuart vs. Matthew/Mikey vs. Danielle/Ian

*Joseph/Brian vs. Dani/Joyce vs. Matthew/Jamil

*Peachie/Joy vs. Ben/Sam vs. Raheem/Bryan

*Sean/Elan vs. Michelle/Kamal vs. Jimmy/Jay

(Mario Lopez version, 3 eps)

*Jeremy/Travis vs. Samantha/Kristin vs. Steven/Andy

*Greg/Brian vs. Heather/Megan vs. Deian/Reilly

*Debbie/Becky vs. Erin/Lyndi vs. Jared/Bethany

MATCH GAME (7 eps)

(1960s version, 1 ep)

*1964 episode with Jayne Mansfield and Orson Bean

(1970s episode, 5 eps)

*1974 episode, where Mark Goodson shows up to congratulate Gene!

*1977 episode with the notorious School Riot!

*1977 episode, where the cast of the Carol Burnett Show answers a question!

*1979 episode, Director’s Track Studio Master, guests David Doyle, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Loretta Swit, Scowy Mitchell

(Australian version, "Blankety Blank," 1 ep)

*General 1977 episode


*December 13, 1979 episode, guests Jack Jones and Joyce Bulifant, with original commercials

MONOPOLY (4 eps)

*Barry vs. Bonnie vs. Peter

*Matthew vs. Sharlene vs. Jeff

*Rick vs. Celeste vs. Tom (missing opening)

*Finale, Tom vs. Debra vs. Tripp


*First episode of two-day finals for 1990, MacDonald vs. Rogers


*First contestant is named Bill Cullen

NAME THAT TUNE (17 episodes)

(1970s version, host Tom Kennedy, 1 ep)

*Richie vs. Joan

(1984 version, host Jim Lange, 16 eps)

*First pilot, Diana vs. Alfred, Alfred gets quite an attitude during “Bid-a-note”

*Second pilot, Brenda vs. Rick

*Third pilot, Connie vs. Ross

*Fourth pilot, Dee vs. Duane

*Fifth pilot, 5 Donna vs. Ken

*Valerie vs. Bob

*Diane vs. Steve

*Alberta vs. Art

*Annie vs. Michael, with the famous “Annie on Her Fanny” moment

*Tammy Warner vs. Tom

*Steve vs. Tammy vs. Les vs. Myra (semi-finals)

*Michael vs. Hap, $100,000 finals

*Pat vs. Art, $100,000 finals

*Richard vs. Carol vs. Marty, $100,000 finals

*Elaine vs. Tommy, $100,000 episode

*Elena vs. Erik, Super champion episode

NOW YOU SEE IT (15 eps)

(1974-1975 version, 2 eps)

*General episode from first format

*Finale, 2 solo round wins!

(1985 pilot, 1 ep)

*1985 pilot, hosted by Jack Clark (missing part of second solo round)

(1989 version, 9 eps)

*First six episodes

*Jim vs. Paul, Episode with $50,000 win (missing last segment)

*Thursday episode of Soap Opera week

*Finale, Joanne vs. Carol

(Australian version, 2 eps)

*Thursday episode, Brenton vs. Jason, Louise vs. Peta

*Friday episode, Karen vs. Jeremy, Jodie vs. Peta

(U. K. version, 1 ep)

*Ann vs. Alan vs. Morlig vs. John (some digital glitches from the second to third rounds)


This was a cute game. Not too spectacular, just a good format.

*Mrs. Secord vs. Mrs. Dewitt

OFF THE WALL (3 eps)

*Premiere, Shlomi/Gena/Steven vs. Pauline/Stephen/Renata

*Girl vs. Boy challenge, Kirt/JT/Daniel vs. Silvia/Wynona/Kate

*Edosa/Tate/Armando vs. Samantha/Bradley/Sheva


This was a cute lottery game show, and the set and music were very enjoyable. The game itself was okay, pretty much just luck with the only real twist coming from the option to accept a prize or choose another box. The endgame was similar to the Showcase Showdown from The Price is Right but not quite as exciting.

(Cash Explosion Double Play, 5 eps)

*November 9, 1991 episode, in both games the double card in followed by the bonus card, starts with Bill vs. Connie vs. John vs. Dorothy (missing closing)

*May 23, 1998 episode, Marcia vs. Jennifer vs. Phil vs. Doug

*July 4, 1998 episode, Gerald vs. Sheila vs. Flora vs. Diane

*July 10, 1999 episode from Greenville, OH, Isaac vs. Sharon vs. Ernie vs. Helen

*15th anniversary episode from February 9, 2002, Cindy vs. Harold vs. Janet vs. Jim, C & C at the end!

(CEDP, 2 eps)

*January 1, 2005 premiere, Bonnie vs. Barbara vs. Amber vs. Sandy

*2006 finale

(Make Me Famous Make Me Rich, 4 eps)

*Premiere from 2006

*January 6, 2007 show

*February 10, 2007 show

*March 17, 2007 show, with some technical difficulties!

PARANOIA (2 eps)

*First episode, first player is Bart Broadnax

*Finale (missing first few minutes), Michael Newkirk (who was on TJW 1990) at bonus


*First Four contestants: Michael, Mary, Sandy, Lois


(1971-1975 run, 1 ep)

*Finale from June 27, 1975, begins with Susan at Lightning Round, guests Kate Jackson and Sam Melville, original commercials

(Super Password, 1 ep)

*The episode where Rip Taylor pulls off his toupee!

*Jim Bontempo retires as the all-time money winner with $76,000!

*Episode where $55,000 jackpot is won…by fugitive Kerry “Patrick Quinn” Ketcham! Guests Audrey Landers and Bruce Baum


(Pay Cards, 1 ep)

*Episode with guest Celeste Holm

(Super Pay Cards, 4 eps)

*Doreen vs. Brian

*Eli vs. David

*Ginette vs. John

*Darnley vs. Fran


*Premiere from September 6, 1997, Peter vs. Nicole vs. Alicia


One of the first projects by XPTLA, soon to become part of Stone Stanley, this was a pretty mediocre ripoff of The Newlywed Game

*General episode, Andersen vs. Fuentes vs. Traylor


*Carl chooses from Sharon, Karen, and Chieko


*Roupen vs. Stacey vs. Joe, Al Silvers is mentioned in passing!

*Brian vs. Morgan vs. Lauren, with a rare cameo by Al Silvers!

PITFALL (3 eps)

*Sunny vs. Sharon

*Paul vs. Vonnie

*Vivienne vs. Dan


(Couples format, 3 eps)

*Premiere, Smith vs. Greci

*Williams vs. Bernstein, Geoff inadvertently gives away an answer!

*Begins with Smets at bonus round, $36,000 jackpot win!

(Solo player format, 2 eps)

*Ted vs. Bob

*Begins with Tom at bonus round, then Tom vs. Libby


(Second Chance, host Jim Peck, 1 ep)

*Pilot, Maggie Brown vs. Jack Campion vs. Lynn Klein

(Press Your Luck, 8 eps)

*Pilot, Jack Campion vs. Maggie Brown vs. Matt, five questions per round and only one Whammy animation (good thing they fixed that!)

*10th episode, Randy West is a contestant!

*Christmas 1983 episode, ends with caroling Whammies!

*Both episodes with Michael Larson’s reign of terror!

*Sam vs. Jim vs. Pamela, Episode with Jim Hess swearing!

*From June 16, 1986, Bruce vs. Jo vs. Paige

*Finale, Andy vs. Karen vs. Bill

*Special: Big Bucks: The Press your Luck Scandal, documents Michael Larson’s rise and fall


(1972-date version, 7 eps)

*First episode, “Any Number,” “Bonus Game,” and “Double Prices, with original commercials

*Second episode, Grocery Game, “Bullseye 1,” and “Double Prices,” with original commercials (including a creepy anti-drug PSA!)

*1975 episode, Clock Game, Give or Keep, and Any Number, aired on CBS as a “Classic” in 2002

*1977 episode, premiere of Professor Price, also it’s a perfect game!

*1978, the game with Yolanda’s “wardrobe malfunction!”

*1980 episode with Vanna White as a contestant

*$1,000,000 spectacular from April 16, 2005, one contestant sets a new winnings total!

(1973-1980 syndicated version, 1 ep)

*1980 finale, first four contestants Kenneth, Debra, Alda, and Kelly, games are Money Game, Cliffhangers, and 1 Right Price (includes slate)


*Guests are Tom Poston and Stefanie Powers


This was a fun quiz, that certainly didn’t take itself seriously, and it’s one of the few MTV shows I actually enjoy, aside from Beavis and Butthead.

*Premiere Episode, from a 1990 broadcast with a great introductory skit

*from 1987, Jack vs. Kelly vs. Jim

*from 1987, Sheryl vs. Michael vs. Courtney

*from 1987, Brian vs. Mary vs. Jeff

*from 1987, Kevin vs. Lisa vs. George (One of the Contestants completely runs away with it)

*from 1987, Mike vs. Corrina vs. Gator

*from 1987, Steve vs. Carla vs. Brian

*from 1987, Laura vs. George vs. Lisa (Ken’s brother in law drops in, pretty funny stuff!)

*from 1987, Jeff vs. Michelle vs. Richard (Hilarious episode with a great banter between Michelle and Ken)

*from 1987, Nancy vs. Kevin vs, Carolyn (studio master w/slate)

*Spring Break episode, Corey vs. Kimmie vs. Gary

*Episode with Bob Eubanks appearing!

*Rick vs. Deanna vs. Jon (Jon is a real funny contestant!)

*from 1988, Becki vs. Andy vs. Betty (Season 1 nametags are used and an audience member steals a tennis racquet and has to pay the price!)

*from 1988, Larry vs. Krissy vs. Michael (It’s Colin’s Birthday!)

*from 1988, Erin vs. Jeff vs. Kris, Phil Moore is in the audience!)

*from 1988, Sam vs. Maria vs. Evan

*from 1988, Richard vs. Kirsten vs. Peter

*from 1988, Ted vs. Lori vs. Mitchell (Another contestant crushes the competition!)

*from 1988, Patrick vs. Elizabeth vs. Allan

*Celebrity episode, LL Cool J vs. Julie Brown vs. Weird Al Yankovic

*Dave vs. Dawn vs. Rick, "At Your House" episode shot at Dawn's house!

*Episode where the players are "tutored" by Penthouse Pets

*Syndicated episode (missing part of toss-up question), Fred vs. Gwen vs. Dave

*Season 5 episode, Melanie vs. Rob vs. Benna

*Season 5 episode, Andrew vs. Rich vs. Melo

* Season 5 episode, Greg vs. Roslyn vs. Tim

* Season 5 episode, Michael vs. Joshua vs. Denise


*Only aired episode (too bad!)


*Premiere, Medori vs. Paul vs. Kate


(NBC version, 13 episodes)

*Premiere, with Sally Julian as hostess

*First episode with Winner's Board

*College Week episode, Dean vs. Suzy vs. Ham

*1985 NBC episode before Tournament of Champions, Rita vs. Philip vs. Lisa

*Mark DeCarlo’s extremely close Winner’s Board big win!

*1988 Thanksgiving week episode, Diane vs. Larry vs. Lisa

*Christmas 1988 episode, Nancy vs. Randy vs. Karen

*Deborah vs. Michael vs. Ellen; Summer is the Fame Game Subject! $9,000 Bonus Round Win!! (1988/OB)

*Rhona vs. Jim vs. Elaine, $5,000 Bouns Round Win!! (1988/USA)

*Thursday episode of Brides' Week

*Charles vs. Mary vs. Pat, original broadcast with commercials, severe video glitch occurs

*Second to last episode, with one contestant raking in over $27,000!

*Finale, cut off at the end

(Syndicated version, 10 episodes)

*Chip vs. Naomi vs. John, John Goss' Big win

*Karin vs. Vince vs. Helaine, Helaine's Big Win

*Wil vs. Alice vs. Michael, Michael goes for the lot but watch out, here comes Alice “No Instant Bargains” Conkright!

*Myrna vs. John vs. Alice, Alice Conkright's second day

*MJ vs. Adrienne vs. Dave, the winner become the third player this week to take the first prize, a motorcycle, contains a blooper by USA Lucky Day.

*Ron vs. Patricia vs. Mike

*Jack vs. Frank vs. Patricia

*Walt vs. Victoria vs. Frank, Funny third instant bargain A++/USA/015

*Duane vs Vallerie vs Frank, Frank leaves with the furniture

•1985 Pat vs. Lisa vs. Tim, Tim Holleran wins the all the prizes and $90,000!


*Jane/Michelle/Sharon/Debbie vs. Philip/Fred/Giorgio/Mark, guests are Candace Cameron, Vivica A. Fox, Robert Kelter Kelly, Richard Karn, and Peter Noone, original broadcast with commercials

SCRABBLE (13 eps)

*1984 pilot, Laura Chambers vs. Bill

*1984 premiere, with different format

*1984 Christmas episode, Chuck gets schooled in religious diversity!

*1985 episode, Rose vs. Bernyce at Scrabble Sprint

*1985 episode, Chris vs. Sara Beth at Scrabble Sprint

*1986 episode, Judy vs. Michael

*1986 episode (#399), John vs. Whitney

*Gold vs. John

*1988 episode, Debbie vs. Larry, Larry doesn’t put his hand over the plunger like most contestants!

*1990 finale

*1993 revival premiere, champion George comes from the last run!

*1993 episode where Chuck resorts to drastic measures to add money to the jackpot!

*1993 finale (unmentioned)


*September 24, 2006, Carbondale vs. Pope County


*Premiere, with original commercials (and a VCR counter for the first part)


(1986-1987, first bonus round, 6 eps)

*Gaye vs. Richard vs. Diana

*Gaye vs. Roger vs. Carol

*Gaye vs. Glen vs. Norinne

*Gaye vs. David vs. Lucille

*David vs. Loren vs. Patricia

*Dianne vs. Robert vs. Shelley, comes with an exciting countdown round

(1986-1987, second bonus round, 4 ep)

*Denya vs. Stan vs. Glen (original broadcast, starts when Monty explains the rules)

*Original broadcast with commercials, Lisa vs. Marty vs. Elisabeth

*Cesar vs. Leslie vs. Barbara

*Brian vs. Barbara vs. Melissa, the last episode to be aired on Family Channel

(1990 pilot, 1 ep)

*1990 pilot, hosted by Robb Weller


This is strictly for sports fans.

*NFL quarterbacks vs. Chicago Cubs

*NFL quarterbacks vs. California Angels

*California Angels vs. Boston Celtics

*Boston Celtics vs. Washington Senators

*Boston Celtics vs. Green Bay Packers

*Boston Celtics vs. Washington Redskins

*Boston Celtics vs. New York Giants(baseball team)

*Boston Celtics vs. NFL Hall of Famers

*NFL Hall of Famers vs. Baltimore Orioles

*Detroit Tigers vs. NBA Hall of Famers

*NBA Hall of Famers vs. New York Yankees

*NBA Hall of Famers vs. New York Giants(football team)

STARCADE (2 eps)

*Premiere, John vs. Heidi (who bears a very stong resemblance to Little Orphan Annie!)

*1983 Invitational Tournament, John vs. Michael vs. Eric vs. Lori


*1954 episode with $10,000 win!


*Original 1989 broadcast with commercials, Waitresses vs. Law Students


(U. S. version, 5 eps)

*Premiere, Al/Fran vs. Louis/Ginny

*Third episode, from Andy/Denise vs. Steve/Marion

*Maryann/Tim vs. Megan/Bob

*Paul/Linda vs. Dan/Carol, a second bonus round is played for charity!

*Paul/Linda vs. Rod/Linda, $5000 win!

(U. K. version, 1 ep)

*Christina/Jeffrey vs. Andrea /Stephen vs. Babs/May

STUMPERS (2 eps)

*Premiere from October 4, 1976, guests are Robert Reed and Dick Gautier, Tom Kennedy appears to promote “50 Grand Slam”

*Finale, from December 31, 1976, guests are Anita Gilette and Bill Bixby, Allen Ludden knows how to deliver a sendoff!


(U. S. version, 1 ep)

*Last day of Geo Tracker tournament

(Canadian version, 1 ep)

*General Canadian episode, with checkout line crash! Also is has numerous plugs for Listermint and Nabob Coffee.


*Linda/Chuck vs. Joanne/Richie vs. Gayle/Howard, guests are Sally Struthers, Roger E. Moseley, and Betty White


*1958 episode with Caesar Romero, Edie Adams, and Hans Conreid, includes the Nairobi Trio!

TALK ABOUT (8 eps)

*Celebrity episode and premiere of U. S. series, with game show hosts playing for charity, Steve Skrovjan/Geoff Edwards vs. Marc Summers/Scott Nemes

*U. S. premiere, Barb/Stripes vs. Guy/Michelle

*Barb/Stripes vs. Deedee/Garry, contains a 10-word sweep!

*Devan/John vs. Cathy/Elaine, includes a Family Feud promo

*Tracy/Sheila vs. Suzanne/Jack

*1989 CBC episode with original commercials, Ron/Mike vs. Norman/Maureen

*Sally/Debbie vs. Christine/Kent

*Finale, with a very timely Grand Game win! Todd/Laurie vs. Gillian/Michelle


*1990 Semi-final, Collegiate vs. Ithaca

*1990 Semi-final, White Plains vs. Booker T, Washington, “High-Q” host Ernie Anderson is in the audience!

*1991 Semi-final, Temple vs. Plano (missing first few minutes)

THINK FAST (97 episodes)

This is Nickelodeon's first actual stunt-based game show (Double Dare was essentially a Q & A show where the stunts decided control or served as alternatives to the questions) and it was very good. In fact, it could use a revival, one with six events per show. However, the firs season gameplay was sloppy (not just because of messy stunts, but because a high percentage of events were decided by default) and while gameplay was tightened up by the second season, the events did not vary as much. It also hasn't had the best hosts, since Michael Carrington was okay, even though he did make several noticable flubs and try too hard to be funny, and Lackey seemed clueless and inept. But still the theme music by Edd Kalehoff was energetic, and the locker room was an exciting endgame.

(First season, 55 episodes)

*Alyssa & Haji vs. Deneen & Micah, early episode

*Melissa & Josh vs. Jill & John, early episode

*Dana & Miguel vs. Jennifer & Jon, early episode, a lot of the game is won by default

*Jesse & Keya vs. Rodolfo & Brandy, early episode

*Jimmy & Jamie vs. Jim & Allison, early episode

*Carlton & Anita vs. Sean & Latorria, early episode

*Brian & Joann vs. Jason & Molly, early episode

*Jeff & Kelly vs. Tiffany & Jason, early episode

*Theresa & Jon vs. Caridad & Evan, early episode

*Matt & Kimberly vs. Jeff & Wendy, Sixth Event Played for $200!

*Whitney & Scott vs. Ronnie & Stacey, Six Events Played!

*Kristen & Eric vs. Marlana & Mark, front game follows early rules, two events don’t have winners!

*Glenn & Robyn vs. Kim & Justin

*Angela & Eddie vs. Felisha & Randy, a hole-in-one is achieved on Flog, and the Locker Room outcome is really close!

*Katy & Frank vs. Jodi & Jason

*Jen & Jeremy vs. Cathy & Matt

*Casey & Aaron vs. Marisa & James

*Melissa & Joe vs. Brandy & Jason, have Nickelodeon version

*Kyle & Richard vs. Jennifer & Vince

*Kendell & Justin vs. Kevin & Amy

*Danielle & Raman vs. Chris & Ezio

*Anne vs. Lisa vs. Kevin & Bobby

*Kelly & Mike vs. Caroline & Kevin

*Denise & Sean vs. Beth & Jason

*Jennifer & Mike vs. Kristen & Mike

*Aiesha & Matt vs Kirsten & Bo

*Kim & Todd vs. Tana & Kevin

*Erika & Jeremy vs. Heidi & Tore

*Keri & Nick vs. Cari & Rich

*Miriam & Greg vs. Jen & Zach

*Debbie & Christine vs. Kyle & Brendan

*Adrian & Terri vs. Paul & Tara

*Kevin & Jennifer vs. Steve & Aimee (some digital glitches)

*Chris & Pat vs. Jim & Tina

*Bryan & Kristi vs. Justin & Lauren, guess who Kristi names as her favorie actress!

*Ted & Linda vs. Larry & Kristen

*Greg & Jill vs. Mike & Kim

*Brian & Kelly vs. Kris & Erica

*Brian & Cassie vs. Chris & Erica

*Jenn & Josh, vs. Liz & Scott

*Steve & Kelly vs. Jonah & Carianne

*Kris & Jen vs. Chris & Leah

*Dave & Tara vs. Joe & Rena

*Steven & Charise vs. Ricky & Susan

*Brian & Deborah vs. Ricky & Melissa

*Mike & Trish vs. Brian & Christie

*Brian & Emily vs. Brian & Amy

*Scott & Carmen vs. Brett & Chelley, this episode was used in GAS promos

*Dave & Michelle vs. Henry & Shannon, a record locker room win, 41 seconds!

*Sherry & Steve vs. Jenna & Tony

*Tim & Rebecca vs. Myron & Jeanette

*Emily & Mike vs. Kelly & Arthur, Intro is Missing

*Sonya & Jeff vs. Neil & Maureen, Nickelodeon episode

*Amy & Jeff vs. Sophia & Steve

*Allison & Joe vs. Amy & Antonio

*All 42 Season 2 episodes

THINK TWICE (2 episodes)

*Premiere, Adrienne/Jon vs. Cheryl/Vicki

*Martha/Mike vs. Thom/Gretchen

TIC TAC DOUGH (28 episodes, 1 clip)

(1950s version, host Jay Jackson, 1 ep)

*Michael vs. Martin, could this show be...RIGGED?

(1970s version, Wink Martindale, 16 episodes)

*First four CBS episodes, original broadcast (the quality is nothing too impressive)

*Thom Mckee's $36,800 win

*Seven consecutive episodes, leading to Thom McKee's defeat

*Two episodes with HJ vs. Laura Chambers

*May vs. Mark

*Final Wink Martindale episode

(1985-1986 season, host Jim Caldwell, 2 eps)

*First Caldwell episode, Gisele vs. Archie

*Finale, Dwier vs. Laurie

(1990-1991 version, 9 episodes, 1 clip)

*Rabbi Daniel at Bonus

*Rabbi Daniel vs. Aaron

*Aaron vs. Gwendolyn

*Jeannie vs. Michael

*Daniel vs. Jody

*Elaine vs. Steve

*Joel vs. Agnes

*Michele vs. Susan

*clip of Michele (not the one above) at the bonus (her 8th!)

*Second episode of Divorced Couples Week, Sirod vs. Alan

TOP CARD (7 eps)

*Premiere episode, Larry vs. Lisa vs. Steven

*General episode, Sandy vs. Barry vs. Debi

*Last 5 episodes


*Third pilot for a series that came SOOOO close to making CBS’s schedule


(1973-1977 version, 1 ep)

*1974 episode, #49 on GSN’s 50 Greatest Game Shows, Ruth wins $25,000!

(1981-1982 version, 10 eps)

*Check is at $23,000, first sketch involves the contents of an envelope; the second involves “Eat Your Answers!”

*Check is at $36,000, first sketch involves a magic lamp; the second involves a fairy tale!

*Eight consecutive episodes, leading up to Rose’s $50,000 win!


*Kimberly/Matt vs. Shannon/Erik, original commercials!


*Seniors: Gail, George, and Lucille. Juniors: Leanne, Dori, and Greg.


*Hour-long premiere from June 12, 1993, with many interactive playbreaks

TRUMP CARD (4 eps)

(U. S. version, 3 eps)

*Premiere, with Donald Trump making a guest endorsement

*General episode

*Last day of finals, in which the winner plays for $100,000!

(U. K. version, Bob’s Full House, 1 ep)

*General 1985 ep, Jacqueline vs. John vs. David vs. Merryl

TWENTY-ONE (2 eps)

(1950s version, 1 ep)

*Pilot for original versinon, in more innocent times

(1982 pilot, 1 ep)

*Unsold pilot from attempted 1982 revival

UH OH! (1 ep)

*Premiere from 1997


(1975-1989 daytime version, host Chuck Woolery, 2 eps)

*from December 31, 1979, Lou vs. Allan vs. Jackie, Auld Lang Syne is played at the end!

*from June 20, 1980, Ken Thomas vs. Linda vs. Charlotte, this has Chuck’s infamous “Swedish girl” comment

(1983- syndicated version, host Pat Sajak, 2 eps)

*1993 episode, Jay vs. Betty vs. Tony

*2000 episode, one contestant is Leonard Stone, who played Violet’s dad in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (missing opening)


(World version, host Greg Lee, 143 eps, 6 partial eps)

*The Big Ness Mess, Eartha Brute steals the Loch Ness Monster

*Seizing the Sea, Vic the Slick steals the Dead Sea

*The Gateway Getaway, Robocrook steals the Gateway Arch

*Ripping Off the Rock, Eartha Brute steals the Rock of Gibraltar

*The Case of the False False-Teeth, Patty Larceny steals Washington's Dentures from the Smithsonian (actually a replica, hence the title)

*The Lincoln Conspiracy, Robocrook steals Lincoln Center

*The Canal Caper, Top Grunge steals the Panama Canal

*The Great Wall Haul, Eartha Brute steals the Great Wall of China

*The Case of the Burgled Bugatti, The Contessa steals a one-of-a-kind Bugatti from the Henry Ford museum

*The Square Scam, Double Trouble steal Red Square

*The Great Liberty Lift, Patty Larceny steals the Liberty Bell

*The SAT Score Scam, Patty Larceny steals the SAT scores from the testing center in Princeton, New Jersey

*Torch Song, Eartha Brute steals the Statue of Liberty's Torch

*The Hammering Hank Heist, Vic the Slick steals Hank Aaron's baseball bat from the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

*Big Ben Bagged, Top Grunge steals Big Ben

*The Bridge Bust, Eartha Brute steals the Golden Gate Bridge

*The Fall Collection Caper, The Contessa steals the Paris Fall Collection

*Minehaha: The Filching of the Falls, Double Trouble steal Minehaha Falls, Pat and George from Mathnet give a clue!

*The Radioscope Ripoff, Robocrook steals the Radioscope

*Who Pinched Pisa?, Vic the Slick steals the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one contestant uses a word not commonly heard on children’s television!

*The Case of the Missing Queen, The Contessa steals the Queen Mary

*The Raceway Rip-off, Top Grunge steals the Indianapolis Speedway

*Brandenbruglary, Vic the Slick steals the Brandenburg Gate

*The Case of the Reef Thief, The Contessa steals the Great Barrier Reef

*The Library Lift, Patty Larceny steals the Library of Congress

*The Great Head Heist, Top Grunge steals the head statues from Easter Island

*The Nose Knows, Vic the Slick steals Lincoln’s nose off of Mount Rushmore

*The Troubled Triangle, Double Trouble steal the Bermuda Triangle

*The Chunnel Channel Caper, Eartha Brute steals the (not yet complete) Chunnel

*The Taking of the Tower, The Contessa steals the Eiffel Tower

*The Case of the Purloined Pipeline, Top Grunge steals the Alaska Pipeline

*Monumental Malfeasance, Eartha Brute steals the Washington Monument

*The Case of the Lifted Lines, Top Grunge steals the Nazca lines from Peru, a clue is given by X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat!

*Stomping at the Stock Exchange, Double Trouble steals the New York Stock Exchange

*The Rosetta Ripoff, Patty Larceny steals the Rosetta Stone

*The Time Bandit, Robocrook steals the Mayan Sunstone

*Who Stole the Hole?, Vic the Slick steals the 18th hole from St. Andrew’s Golf Course

*The Fat Lady Sings No More, The Contessa steals the Syndey Opera House

*What Goes Up..., Robocrook steals a satellite

*The Case of the Roamin' Roman Ruin, Earth Brute steals the Roman Coliseum, state flags are used in the bonus round instead of sirens

*The Hot Potato, Vic the Slick steals all of the potatoes in Idaho!

*The Case of the Pilfered Palace, The Contessa steals the Alhambra Palace

*The Case of the Missing Mountain, The Contessa steals the Matterhorn

*The Case of the Creep in the Concorde, Top Grunge steals the Concorde Jet

*The Disappearing Declaration, Patty Larceny steals the Declaration of Independence

*The Return of Dracula's Castle, Robocrook steals the Bran Castle

*Who Stole the Bowl?, Double Trouble steal the Hollywood Bowl

*The Case of the Pinched Paws, Robocrook steals the Sphinx Paws

*The Purloined Pooch, Patty Larceny steals the champion of the Westminster Dog Show, aired pilot with a different scoring system.

*End of the Trail, Top Grunge steals the Appalachian Trail

*The White Gator Caper, Patty Larceny steals a rare white alligator, very early episode with flags used in bonus round

*The Spot Lifter, Eartha brute steals a rare Clouded Leopard

*The Disoriented Express, Double Trouble steal the TGV train, second pilot with nearly the same scoring system at “Purloined Pooch!”

*Island Copping, Patty Larceny steals a Hawaiian island, another flags bonus round episode!

*The Case of the Glommed Geyser, Robocrook steals Old Faithful (missing first half)

*The Costume Caper, Double Trouble steal the wax figures from Madame Tussaud’s museum in London, Season 1 finale, Rockapella perfoms “Zombie Jamboree” at the end!

*Disturbing the Heavenly Peace, Double Trouble steal the Tiananmen, players are assisted by celebrities Mayim Bialik, Tatyana M. Ali, and Jeremy Miller!

*The Immigration Station Perpetration, Double Trouble steal Ellis Island

*The Blarney Burglary, Vic the Slick steals the Blarney stone

*What's What with Watts?, Kneemoi steals the Watts Towers, features Rockapella singing a list of all fifteen former Soviet republics to the tune of “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” (cuts off just before the end)

*A Carmen for Carmen, Vic the Slick steals Carmen Island from Mexico

*No Brainer, Robocrook steals the Brain Institute from Moscow

*The Autobahn Con, Top Grunge steals the Autobahn

*The Cave Art Caper, Patty Larceny steals the Lascaux Cave Paintings

*Trouble on Tanganyika, Eartha Brute steals the Liemba ferry

*Bad Day on Broadway, Double Trouble steal the Tony awards

*The Boll Weevil Retrieval, Kneemoi steals the Boll Weevil Monument

*Greasy Getaway, Top Grunge steals Nigeria’s oil wells

*Tango Mysterioso, Kneemoi steals the Tango from Argentina, Greg’s mom gives a clue!

*The Statue Steal (A. k. a. Togo to Go), Wonder Rat steals the President Eyadema statue from Sarakawa, Togo, the Chief notices something suspicious during the photo briefing

*The Amazing Boomerang Effect, Robocrook steals an Australian boomerang factory

*School's Out (A. k. a. What Happenda U?), Patty Larceny steals the University of Costa Rica

*Rockin' Rio Ripoff, Double Trouble steal a Rio de Janeiro recording studio

*Where'd the Alamo Go?, Robocrook steals the Alamo

*The Case of the Little Boy Lost, Top Grunge steals the Manneken Pis from Brussels, Rockapella sings a list of seas to the tune of “The Longest Time” at the end!

*Superscam, Wonder Rat steals Metropolis, Illinois

*Chumps D'Elysees (aka Arch Criminal), Eartha Brute steals the Arc De Triomphe

*Baaad News in New Zealand, Vic the Slick steals all of the sheep from New Zealand

*Boosting the Belt (aka Radiation Ripoff), Patty Larceny steals the Van Allen Belt

*The Ta-ta Kenyatta Cantata, Wonder Rat steals the Kenyatta Conference Center

*WSKGone, Wonder Rat steals PBS station WSKG from Binghamton, New York

*Wondering Where the Water Went, Vic the Slick steals the Los Angeles Aqueduct, check out Elliot’s Elvis impression!

*Gorgeous George (aka Losing Face), Kneemoi steals George Washington’s face off every U. S. dollar bill

*Big Bad Lug Bags Big Egg, Eartha Brute steals the Tokyo Dome, after the game Rockapella and Nana Rap perform a rap about the world’s five largest islands (missing opening)

*Big Bank Bingo, Robocrook steals the Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank

*Who Copped Khufu?, Eartha Brute steals the Pyramid of Khufu (ends at start of second round)

*Who Bagged the Bull?, Kneemoi steals a Mesopotamian golden bull

*My Cup Runneth Away, Double Trouble steal the World Cup, contains one of the most unusual photo briefings the series has ever had!

*Beach Blanket Bye-Bye, Patty Larceny steals Ipanema Beach

*Where's Dave (A. k. a. Statue of Limitations), Eartha Brute steals the stuate of David!

*The Perilous Penguin Pilferage, Robocrook steals all of Antarctica’s penguins (substandard quality)

*Topkapi Turban Topper, Vic the Slick steals the Topkapi Turban, features Rockapella’s “The Longest Time” sea song

*Boosting the Bounty, Double Trouble steals MGM’s replica of the H. M. S. Bounty

*The Machu Picchu Pinch, early season 2 episode, Eartha Brute steals Machu Picchu, also features Rockapella’s Soviet Republics song (even shorter)

*Fortress Felony (A. k. a. Citadelinquency), Robocrooks steals the Citadel from Montreal

*The Artificial Army Abduction, Wonder Rat steals the Terra Cota soldiers from Xi’an, China

*VIII Is Enough (A. k. a. Hanky Panky), Vic the Slick steals Hans Holbein’s portrait of Henry VIII (pledge season episode)

*The Heinous Hockey Heist, Top Grunge steals the Edmonton Oilers hockey team and arena (pledge season episode)

*Tomfoolery in Thailand, Patty Larceny steals the statues of Chan and Mook from Phuket, Thailand (pledge season episode)

*She Took the Notes Right Out of My Mouth, Kneemoi steals the voices of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, one player finishes the round with a score of 0! (pledge season episode)

*The Great Train Slobbery, Top Grunge steals the Trans-Siberian railroad (pledge season episode)

*The Case of the Filched Freedom Fighter, RObocrook steals a captured U. S. Freedom Fighter jet from the Vietnam National Military Museum (pledge season episode)

*I Lost Lucy, Top Grunge steals the “Lucy” skeleton (missing first round)

*Cur Cribs Curves, Vic the Slick steals Lombard Street

*The Perfidious Party Poach, Double Trouble steal Carnaval from Trinidad and Tobago

*Swiping the Supremes, Patty Larceny steals the U. S. Supreme Court

*The Waltz Whammy, Kneemoi steals the song “Waltzing Matilda” from Australia

*Gotta Get a Yeti, Wonder Rat steals the Yeti, a technical error potentially costs one player the game

*Robot Robotnapper, Robocrook steals Pizzabot from Marina Del Rey

*Little Dog Gone, Patty Larceny steals Greyfriar’s Bobby from Scotland

*Tricky Trickle Trapper, Vic the Slick steals the source of the Nile

*Might Takes Wright, Eartha brute steals Falling Water from Pennsylvania

*Withdrawal Symptoms, Sarah Nade (in her first appearance) steals the SEWA Bank

*Officer's Mess, Top Grunge steals the West Point military academy

*The Gambian Gambit, Robocrook steals the stone circles of Gambia (please let me know if you have a copy with better quality!)

*Bad Woman Steals Goodman, Patty Larceny steals Chicago’s Goodman Theater (missing opening)

*The Cheese Steak Brute Quake, Eartha Brute steals all of the cheesesteaks in Philadelphia (missing first few minutes)

*I Only Have Spice for You, Top Grunge steals all of Indonesia’s spice

*The Losin' the Blues Blues, Kneemoi steals the Chicago Blues sound (ends at Lightning Round)

*Medieval Evil, The Contessa (in her first appearance since season 1) steals Himeji Castle from Japan

*(partial episode, starts at Training Exercise) Cats Nipped, Vic the Slick steals Florida Panthers

*Minimum Security Prism, Patty Larceny steals the rainbow from Iguazu falls

*What a Shell Lacking, Vic the Slick steals the Green Sea Turtles from the Cayman Islands

*Time-X'd, Robocrook steals the Prague Astronomical Clock

*Learned Kneemoi, Kneemoi steals Tai Chi Chuan

*A Shriek of Nature, Sarah Nade steals Hawaii’s Volcanes National Park

*Wine Not, the Contessa steals South Africa's grapes

*Danube-doo-bee-duped, Double Trouble steal the bridges over the Danube river

*Stardust Buster, Robocrook steals the Milky Way Galaxy

*I've Been Burping on the Railroad, Top Grunge steals the Mount Washington Cog Railway

*The Lion Sting, Patty Larceny steals the Terrace of the Lions fron Delos, Greece

*Stormy Two's Day, Double Trouble steal Mardi Gras from New Orleans

Wrestle Rustler, Eartha Brute steals the sport of Sumo wrestling from Japan

*That Girl's Got Characters, Patty Larceny steals the Korean Alphabet

*I Know Why No Rhino, Top Grunge steals Africa's black rhinos

*Scrolldies but Goodies, Patty Larceny steals the Dead Sea Scrolls

*The Cuba Missing Crisis, Double Trouble steal Cuba

*Take a Byte out of Crime, Robocrook steals the Internet

*A Frank Case of Theft, The Contessa Steals Anne Frank's House

*Summa Cum Rowdy, Vic the Slick steals Oxford University

*A Volcanic Corruption, Top Grunge steals the Cappadocia cones from Turkey

*Held for B-ransom, Sarah Nade steals Branson, Missouri

*Wave Bye-Bye, Sarah Nade steals Australia's Wave Rock

*(missing first minute or so) Shoo, Trees, Kneemoi steals the Bristlecone Pine trees from California

*Stonecutter's Haul, Robocrook steals the Shona sculptures from Africa

*(partial episode, goes from first clue to the start of The Chase) White-Out, The Contessa steals the White House

*(missing theft scene) Fall of the House of Ushers, Wonder Rat steals Fox Theater

*Se Habla Espa-ol, Patty Larceny steals the Spanish letter enye

*The Persian Incursion, Eartha Brute steals Persepolis

(Time version, host Kevin Schinick, 2 eps)

*Premiere episode, Jacqueline Hyde tthreatens the history of advertising

*Baron Wasteland threatens the history of sanitation

WHEW! (5 eps)

*Melissa vs. Tony, Howard Wilson's first day

*Howard Wilson vs. Donna, his sixth attempt at the gauntlet

*Pat at the Gauntlet, Randy Amasia's first ep (have both original broadcast and studio master versions)

*Randy at the Gauntlet, the big win he just missed seeing on video, sadly.

*Series finale, Betty White and John Saxon.


(Syndicated version, host Meredith Viera, 2 eps)

*both episodes with Art Kurtz’s appearance

(Japanese version, Quiz $ Millionaire, 1 ep)

*Kaziyuki Nose wins ¥10,000,000!


*General episode, Dog day with Beeping Pie Baseball, Dog Challenge, and Typhoon Relay Race

WINNING LINES (1 episode)

Possibly added to cash in on the big-money craze of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?, this was different in the sense that the players would have to go through not some easy multiple-choice questions but instead two major elimination stages first (from 49 players to six to one) and the sole survivor would face one of the most intense endgames ever seen, The Wonderwall. This could have succeeded if the production company had not gone bankrupt and left players without their winnings.

*First episode, with a $500,000 win! (missing end credits)


Another Bob Stewart word game, this one where players have to come up with words including a growing series of letters. This had potential but not too much, since to get the purported $100,000 jackpot both players had to pick the top dollar amount and use all nine letters.

*Only episode left in existence


*Last episode seen on Game Show Network, Jennifer vs. Mike vs. David

WIPEOUT (5 eps)

(US version, 4 eps)

*Dennis vs. Cynthia vs. Karen

*Kaylene vs. Cameron vs. Dean

*Nikki vs. Kathy vs. Kevin, Peter calls the Wipeout a Whammy!

*John vs. Donna vs. Cynthia

(Australian version, host Tony Johnston, 1 ep)

*Megan vs. Michael vs. Chris

WORDPLAY (4 eps)

*Premiere from December 29, 1986, Claudia vs. Jamie, guests are Dick Shaw, Dorothy Lyman, and Richard Moll

*Brian vs. Salli, guests are Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, and Louis Nye

*from March 26, 1987, Amy vs. Julie, guests Murray Langston, Brenda Vaccaro, and Norm Crosby

*Finale from September 4, 1987, John vs. Elizabeth, guests are Jamie Farr, Marsha Warfield, and Jimmy Aleck


*All eight episodes from 2006

*First two episodes from 2007

YAHTZEE (1 ep)

*Sales Girls vs. Fishermen, guests are Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Fred Willard, Tom Poston, and Jo Anne Worley (low audio)


(host Groucho Marx, 1 ep)

*secret word is “chair”

(host Bill Cosby, 1 ep)

*possible first episode, Ronald/Tanya vs. Eric/Susan vs. Keno/Apago, secret word is “dress”


If you think this was the best they could have done with the computer game, then you don't...well that's obvious. This was a hilarious parody, but I do see it getting old fast. Perhaps if they had a straightforward Q and A game with a sarcastic host, like the original game, it would have been better remembered.

*Premiere, from June 20, 2001, Alex vs. Kat vs. Valdemar, Regis Philbin gives Troy some (ignored) suggestions

*From June 20, 2001, Angie vs. Eric vs. Holly, Carl Lewis introduces the game!

*From June 27, 2001, Danielle vs. Scott vs. Desalyn, Danielle’s story was on “Since You’ve Been Gone,” the USC Trojans marching band makes an appearance!

*From July 4, 2001, Errol vs. Cary vs. Randy

*From July 11, 2001, Tien vs. Marq (that’s his name!) vs. Hilary

*From July 18, 2001, pilot aired as final episode (with a few differences in play), Stewart vs. Vivicca vs. Terry


*Premiere, Lea vs. Mary vs. Doug

*Linda vs. Ralph vs. Debbie

*Finale, Carol vs. Ralph vs. Peggy, the car space is hit five times without a win!


*Premiere, from January 20, 1961and only episode, guests are Jan Sterling, Arthur Treacher, Pat Carroll, and Pat Harrington (with time code on bottom)

*from January 27, 1961, Jackie Gleason’s big mea culpa

YOU'RE ON! (1 ep)

*Episode where they turn the tables on Phil!

ZAP IT! (1 ep)

*General episode, Adam vs. Haleigh vs. Jonathan



*Clarissa and Ferguson compete on “Brain Drain,” the theme seems similar to that of “Get the Picture!”

MAD TV-Game Show Parodies include:

*”Deal or no Deal” from September 30, 2006, the players are the Superstitious Knights!

*”Deal or No Deal” from April 14, 2007, at a crucial moment in the game, the player’s wife gets in the way.

*”Family Feud” from May 12, 2001, Louis Anderson’s depression is all too evident!

*”Family Feud” from February 28, 2004, The Lord of the Rings vs. Cold Mountain

*”Grand Theft Auto” from March 15, 2003, a television adaptation of the violent video game with “Rod Roddy” announcing!

*”The Price is Right” from December 7, 2002, with lots of double entendres!

*”The Price is Right” from February 21, 2004, 1974 episode, full of pop culture references!

*”The Price is Right” from April 17, 2004, another lost episode, this one’s from 1986 and the guests seem vaguely familiar…

*”Schizophrenic Jeopardy!” from September 21, 2996, the characters are all schizophrenics!

*”Smartypants Challenge” from December 7, 2002, the smart kids (including members of Sum 41) face off against idiots!

*”Trick Question” from November 16, 1996, all of the questions are trick questions, and the contestants catch on too easily! Two parts.


*The family goes on Jeopardy! Guests stars Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert


*“Are You Smarter Than A Wetback” from April 15, 2007


*The classic “Password” episode with guests Allen Ludden and Betty White! “Aristophanes…”

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE-Game Show parodies include:

*Best of Game Show Parodies Volume 1

*Best of Game Show Parodies Volume 2, with Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) and Regis Philbin (Darrell Hammond) introducing the clips.

*”Am I a Crazy Street Person?” from February 10, 2007. where contestants have to determine if the guests are real or crazy, one contestant (Forest Whitaker) seems not to notice. From February 10, 2007.

*”Bob Swerski’s Quiz Masters” from January 18, 1992, the Superfans compete in a game involving their knowledge of Da Bears!

*”Brain Busters”, from April 5, 2003, the contestants seem to know everything except Black History, and the emcee (Bernie Mac) isn’t pleased.

*”Charades” from May 13, 2006, Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss act out suggestive clues to a celebrity panel in a 1970s Goodson-Todman production!

*”Celebrity Jeopardy” from December 7, 1996, contestants are Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald), and Jerry Lewis (Martin Short), none of them are doing too well!

*”Celebrity Jeopardy” from May 10, 1997, with Phil Donahue (Darrell Hammond), Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald), and Marlon Brando (John Goodman), despite a lackluster performance one “charity” does win some money!

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from October 4, 1997, with John Travolta (Darrell Hammond), Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald), and Michael Keaton (Matthew Perry)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from May 9, 1998, with Sean Connery (Darrell Hammons), Minnie Driver (Molly Shannon), and Jeff Goldblum (David Duchovny)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from October 24, 1998, with Tom Cruise (Ben Stiller), Adam Sandler (Jimmy Fallon), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” From March 20, 1999, with Nicolas Cage (Jimmy Fallon), Calista Flockhart (Drew Barrymore), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from October 23, 1999, with French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon), Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from April 15, 2000, with Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond), Keanu Reeves (Tobey Maguire), and Hilary Swank (Jimmy Fallon), Ricky Martin (Chris Kattan) gives a clue, but the players still don’t get it!

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from December 16, 2000, with Robin Williams (Jimmy Fallon), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Lucy Liu), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from the February 8, 2001 primetime extra, with Ozzy Osbourne (Horatio Sanz), Martha Stewart (Ana Gasteyer), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from September 29, 2001, with Chris Tucker (Dean Edwards), Anne Heche (Reese Witherspoon), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from May 18, 2002, a rock and roll edition with Dave Matthews (Jimmy Fallon), Bjork (Winona Ryder), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) who entered through questionable means, guess who shows up before Final Jeopardy!

*”Celebrity Jeopardy!” from May 14, 2005, with Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson), Sharon Osbourne (Amy Poehler), and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond)

*”Common Knowledge” from October 17, 1987, Steve Martn hosts a Q & A where high schoolers determine the answers, and Jeane Kirkpatrick (Nora Dunn) isn’t pleased.

*”Community College Bowl” from October 5, 1992, the academic quiz

*”Deal or No Deal” from April 8, 2006, the contestant (Antonio Banderas) doesn’t know how to play!

*”Do You Know Who My Father Is?” from February 21, 2004, spoiled rich kids (including Christina Aguilera) have to correctly handle situations, usually with the titular question.

*”Food, Sex, or Cars” from April 12, 1997, the players are given one item from each category, and have to decide which of the three is the most desirable

*”Game Beaters” from December 8, 1990, Mr. Short-Term Memory (Tom Hanks) is a contestant, Tony Randall guest stars!

*”Game Breakers” from October 6, 1991, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) charms her way to the top, only to be interrupted by a surprise guest (guess who it is!)

*”Game Challengers” from November 10, 1990, the prizes are Native American artifacts, which a Native American contestant (Jimmy Smits) tries to win

*”Geek, Dweeb, or Spazz” from April 16, 1994, the popular high-schoolers categorize their less socially-adept peers, and Emilio Estevez can’t escape his sordid past!

*”Jackie Rogers Jr.’s $100,000 Jackpot Wad” from April 6, 1985, where Martin Short’s titular albino lounge lizard hosts a “Pyramid”-esque match between Sammy Davis Jr. (Billy Crystal) and an unpleasant Captain Kangaroo (Jim Belushi).

*”Jew, Not a Jew” from October 8, 1988, the object is to determine whether or not specific celebrities are Jewish

*”Kids vs. Grownups” from October 21, 1995, game show seems to be biased toward one age group. No points for guessing which one.

*”Let’s Make This Happen” from November 21, 1998, where Jennifer Love Hewitt and Will Ferrell spin Joker’s Wild-esque reel to determine movie premises, and pitch a hit to Lorne Michaels!

*”Make Joan Baez Laugh” from November 8, 1986, can Howie Mandel (Jon Lovitz) finally pull off this Herculean labor?

*”Name That Dog!” from April 11, 1998, Greg Kinnear (of College Mad House and some movies) hosts a game where players have to identify each dog’s name, if they’re extremely lucky! Also have a commercial featuring Greg’s character from the same episode.

*”Old French Whore” from February 28, 1998, high school honor students team up with old French whores (including Garth Brooks), categories include “Les Maladies Veneriales”

*”The Question is Moot!” from October 20, 1984, The Reverend Jesse Jackson hosts a show where his political agenda renders all of the questions, well, moot!

*”Quiz Masters” from October 18, 1986, one contestant (Dand Carvey) just happens to be a psychic…

*”Stand-Up and Win” from April 18, 1992, stand-up comedians such as emcee Jerry Seinfeld compete in a Jeopardy-style format! “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?”

*”Suckerpunch” from December 14, 1991, Steve Martin hosts a show where, as the title indicates, contestants don’t see it coming!

*”The Weakest Link” from May 5, 2001, a flashback (featuring Pierce Brosnan) reveals why Anne Robinson is so mean (comes with two different endings)

*”What Do You” from December 9, 1978, Eric Idle reprises a Monty Python skit

*”Where in the World is San Diego, California?” from May 6, 1995, a pale imitation of the popular PBS kids’ gameshow (mistakenly referred to as a Nickelodeon show)

*”Who Wants to be Groped by an Eleven-Thousandaire?” from February 19, 2000, a redneck entrepreneur (Ben Affleck) chooses between two wannabe brides and an unsuspecting male (Chris Kattan)

*”Who Wants to Eat?” from December 4, 1999, the third-world version of the popular quiz show has Rajneesh Philbin (Darrell Hammond) hosting contestants playing for food

*”Whose Ass Should I Kiss” from November 2, 1991, Keifer Sutherland plays against Rob Schneider to determine which of three business executives is real, while being sure to suck up as much as possible.

*“You Bet Your Finger!” from March 15, 1986, contestant Griffin Dunne plays the dangerous game, despite a few guillotine-related mishaps

*”You Can’t Win!” from February 9, 1980, the contestants play to take on near-impossible challenges, guess who’s in the celebrity vault! (Taped from E!, so it’s in two parts)

*”You Think You’re Better Than Me?” from May 13, 1995, hostile working-class people have to stand up to adversity, the winner faces Naomi Campbell!


* “Family Food”-Richard Dawson appears in this skit about healthy food

SMOKE ALARM-THE UNFILTERED TRUTH ABOUT CIGARETTES-contains a game show parody called “Butts,” that tests players’ knowledge of tobacco!

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