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Thank you Skeezix, and welcome all you websurfers out there to Tony DuMont's Neighborhood Swap Meet! This is a site where you can examine the various media scrapings I have to offer. Before we get to cataloguing, let me explain how this site was brought to fruition.

In the before time, I would search the web while my peers exercised or read good literature, embarking on tireless searches for anybody who had episodes of the television programs I sought. Those who had agreed to trade with me would ask to look the site where I had listed the contents of my collection. Well, here is that site, at last. So now I can sit back and wait for offers.

My collection has been quartered so as to individually suit my interests: game shows, Sesame Street, Square One TV, and pretty much anyhing else. I have noticed throughout my trading that those who are into Square One TV or Sesame Street are usually into game shows as well. I suspect it may be for the same reason that others enjoy Sesame Street long into their adulthood, as it may have to do with Asperger's Syndrome. People with this other than typical trait tend to become focused on letters and numbers, things that are ordered, and so they get attracted to the letters and numbers that are repetitively shown on Sesame Street and also on Square One TV and on certain game shows. Asperger's also makes it difficult for one to interact with others in person, which may be another reason why I have the time to start this site, as I don't have many friends with whom to interact. In fact, some of the people with whom I have traded tend to have this condition, particularly the grownup Sesame Street fans. It is for this reason that I have included a page for information on Asperger's as well as for those who have the condition to relate their experiences with it, or any other neurobiological disorder.

So if you want to make a trade offer for the material listed, or to share your experiences with a mental condition such as Asperger's, or if you really have nothing better to do with your free time, be sure to e-mail me, specifying the subject, and I'll do my best to reply. Don't hesitate. I won't object. I'm particularly lonesome most of the time and I don't get invited to a lot of parties, plus I find it difficult to hold down a job, so I'm not usually busy.

But first, let's start things off with a toss-up, like they do on game shows...

For the wonderful heck of it, here's our toss-up question (please contact me if you know the answer):

What are the names of Mars' two moons?

Coins; Size=180 pixels wide

If you're really lucky, you could win...A FORTUNE IN CHOCOLATE COINS!

Or not. I just wanted you to get interested.

I suppose this isn't the best place to ask for recommendations, since if this is your first time here you probably haven't viewed the contents of the site, but if you do like what you see, feel free to come back here and recommend them to anyone whom you think would also enjoy the swap meet. Okay, I'm a shameless self-promoter, I know. But I would appreciate those who use the awesome power of word-of-mouth to support me.

Words of wisdom:
Since the grownups want me to discourage drug use, all you kids out there should throw out your Ritalin.